Thursday, April 22, 2010

Former Host Sues JTV

Former JTV host, Valerie Hughes, filed suit against Jewelry Television for some sort of alleged civil rights violation.* I'll pass along the details as they become available. Valerie Hughes was a show host at JTV from August 2006 through May 2008.

Last year, former Jewelry Television vice president Steve Gordon sued JTV for age discrimination (Queen Bea's post here and the court documents here). Like Valerie, Steve was also laid off during JTV's major workforce reduction of '08, but felt that he was actually being targeted due to his age and health issues.

*I'm having trouble getting the link to work now, but this is the cached copy.


  1. I remember seeing Valerie at least a few times when I flipped through the tv channels. What struck me is how she always was hosting with someone else and seemed to have a minor supporting role limited to occasionally giving comments. I thought when I saw her that she was possibly in training.

    So I'll be curious to know the details. I thought she seemed very nice on the programs I did watch her on but somewhat passive. More like space filler verses a real active participant.

  2. valerie would sit there bopping her head up and down it looked to me like she was not to say anything.always there with that bleached blonde blabber mouth she looked like she should be working in some honky tonk dive bar.

  3. Any one know what ever happened to angie she was at jtv was she also canned?

  4. Valerie Hughes was treated very rudely on the air. That blond (I forget her name), ignored her, and never let her speak. It had to be very humiliating for such a classy lady like Valerie, or for anyone I wondered how management could allow such a thing.

  5. I totally agree with Anonymous dated March 13, 2011. I had watched several shows where it was very obvious the blonde was snippy and obnoxious towards Valerie. I actually thought then that they were asking for a lawsuit for the way they allowed that to happen.

  6. I saw her by herself once. She was horrible. Very superficial. Just oooowing & aaaaing. I guess she thought she got canned "cuz eyez black, yo", but she really was lousy at her job.


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