Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mike Rowe's Dirtiest Job

Dirty, clean, or otherwise, I have a bit of a thing for Mike Rowe. There's just something about that smart ass, opera-singing, oh-so-dirty manly man, former QVC huckster that definitely puts the Quack in my Factory! (Could you even imagine him with Jeanne Bice??? Hah!)

You know, I'm pretty sure that this blog is a dirty job. He should consider stopping by and giving it a whirl.

Check him out making fun of his old job at the Q ... only 9 easy payments!


  1. We ALL have a little bit of a crush on Mike, don't we? ;-)

    Happy Holidays, everybody!

  2. There was a marathon on one day last week. I enjoyed everything but the sheep farm ... I won't even tell you what he had to do, but dirty doesn't begin to cover it!

  3. jajajaja that part of your comment, about the sheep farm, I know what do you feel, I worked in a worst place, a pork farm, trust me you never like to be in a place like that.


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