Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Bob Bowersox Blast from the Past

Here's a video from Bob's first day ... and you might recognize a few other folks too! And I have to say that Bob looks better with age. Those glasses are not doing him any favors.

BTW, I am trying to find the goodbye video of Bob from Sunday. I didn't Tivo it and QVC has hidden it away in the vault. If anyone has this recorded, please email me at homeshoppingqueen@gmail.com. I promise to keep you anonymous!


  1. What with the advent of TiVo and DVRs, I hope somebody has this clip and can send it in to you, Queen Bea. I'd like to watch and decide for myself what may have happened. It's all very mysterious.

  2. 22 years of service is certainly worth a "bon voyage" or "best wishes on your future" party. We can only guess at what happened but i bet it ended with Bob saying "Thanks but NO THANKS" & cutting his losses & leaving not on the best of terms. Perhaps they wanted him to take a different position or a pay cut, who knows. But he appeared unenthusiastic on his recent past shows, almost as if he was barely tolerating being there. Still, as part of the QVC "family" that we are, inquiring minds would like to know!

  3. I think that Kathy looks much better now too!

  4. I hope someone has the clip of his good bye. I am disappointed that I missed it.

    I am curious about what happened, but I doubt that the real story will ever be told.

  5. give us all the dirt you can find!!!!

  6. Bob hosted and help make QVC what it is today.
    They owe him bigtime. Some of the new host make my hair hurt. Maybe they should fire a couple or more of the newbies..

  7. Someone claiming to be a former employee posted a message on the QVC boards (it was quickly poofed though) that they wanted to cut Bob's hours and pay and he didn't agree. There was an arguement and he had to be escorted out of the building. They allowed him to make the "hostage video" if he wanted to. I don't know if any of that is true, but it's floating around out there.

  8. When you cry, your eyes get red more than your nose...at least in my experience. A cold usually makes the lower part of your nose red. The whole red nose makes me think otherwise.....

    Good luck Bob.....open another restaurant... oh but WHO will you brag about that to??


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