Wednesday, December 24, 2008

How Did You Find Queen Bea?

People stumble across this silly little blog in all different kinds of ways, but there seems to be a bit of a trend. See if you notice anything.

Here is a list of the Top Ten Keywords used to find Queen Bea for 2008 ...

10) Kelly Repassy - The redheaded former plus-size model and recently-ousted HSN host.

9) The Jewelry Chanel - This struggling home shopping channel that was going out of business most of the year, only to reinvent itself into The Liquidation Channel.

8) Davinia Palmer - This little British cutie burned bright as a QVC host, but her time was short.

7) Pat James-Demetri (and her ex, Vince) - Poor Pat has had a rough year thanks to her no-good ex-husband, Vince.

6) Paul Deasy - Another former HSN and QVC host who, along with his wife, Judy Crowell, is trying to make a return to the home shopping arena in a new way.

5) Me! - Some of you got here by actually looking for Queen Bea on purpose ... golf claps ...

4) Bob Bowersox - After 22 years with the Q, Bob was shown the door right before Christmas and made a huge leap into the top five. (The crazy looking picture is from the set of a movie he was in. I just thought it was funny!)

3) Patti Reilly - Patti, Patti, Patti ... she's leaving! she's not! she's leaving! she's not! I swear, the speculation will never end. In the very least, she has certainly dropped to part-time. I still say she's leaving.

2) Models Prefer and its founder, Stacey Schieffelin - Stacy was in the middle of a nasty lawsuit with QVC that led to a complete reinvention of the Models Prefer brand into ybf and a switch to HSN (all while keeping that famous eyebrow pencil and patented hair roller makeup-less face shtick in tact)

And number 1 for 2008 is ... drum roll please ...

1) Dave King!!!

Here today, gone tomorrow. This well-loved host just disappeared without a word from QVC--not even a Bob Bowersox-style hostage video. I guess they just figured no one would notice??? In any case, he had many fans who missed him and didn't appreciate the treatment he got.

Here's a great video of Dave, great host and an all-around stand up kind of guy:

You can also check him out in his new job as a consumer electronics expert here.


  1. Not me. How did *I* find my way here? Somebody on either the HSN or QVC online forums mentioned Queen Bea and her blog, so I came to take a look. I stayed for three hours the first time and I was hooked!

  2. I don't remember exactly WHO i was looking for (i think Paul Deasy & Judy) when i stumbled upon QB's blog but i stayed for a long time too the first time i landed here, just clicking on all the subject matter to the right. It was like catnip!

  3. Just quick report on "Davinia Sightings". She's posted about a dozen short clips on YouTube from Australia, sharing the scenes with several friends, koalas, and even a couple of baby Tasmanian Devils.

    Well...if you're going to leave abruptly, be sure to head to the Southern Hemisphere for the winter (good call, Davinia!)....and live "The Endless Summer".

  4. Hey Hugh Jee! There is a post about Davinia's new gig here:

  5. Dave was on ESPN doing the flag football championships.

  6. Patti will never leave QVC on her own. She tried and is darn lucky QVC did not sue her pants off. Besides, who on earth would hire her?

    My source tells me that Bob lost his job BECAUSE of Patti's wish to leave QVC. He knew she was lying about her need to leave and never told QVC. For those who do not know how it works...if he knew she was lying and he did not tell QVC, HE'S in more trouble than she would be. It's called 'company disloyalty' in many cases. Oops. And just like that, Bob's gone.

  7. So true! People don't realize the in's and out's of these contracts. MANY things to consider and not a lot of freedom for them. Everything has to be OK'ed if it's an outside thing.


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