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QVC Designer Louis Dell'Olio "Overwhelmed" by Fan Support

Jac and I want you all to know that we are just overwhelmed by your caring…… Overwhelmed. My anniversary dates are: Wednesday, May 12th, 6-7am, 1-3pm and 7-8pm. We love you all………….Louis

This week, QVC designer Louis Dell'Olio posted on his blog that QVC was rather unceremoniously dropping his popular Linea fashion line after carrying it for a decade.

In his always personable way, he addresses the post to the fan who asked the direct question: Dear Alita ...
I said in my blog that my 10 year, May anniversary show will be my “LAST big show”…..I actually meant for Spring, since that was the season I was discussing. However, since you have asked me a direct question, I feel obligated to give you an honest and direct answer. As of this writing, QVC has informed me that there are no new Linea products or reorders planned for Fall 2010. It saddens me to tell you this, but I will never lie to my loyal customers whom I consider my friends.
I will continue to connect with all of you and keep you informed of my upcoming shows. I can’t believe I have completed 10 very successful years on QVC. During this time it has been my extreme pleasure to get to know all of you……….with much LOVE……..Louis

Since the announcement, his loyal "Linea Ladies," who regularly correspond with him through his blog, are up-in-arms. But instead of just stewing in their anger over the injustice of it all, they are taking action. The outrage that was burning up the QVC message boards has turned into an organized effort to call and email anyone in QVC management whose contact information they can dig up. They have also started an @LineaLadies Twitter group. I can only assume that a grassroots Facebook campaign is right around the bend.

Many of Louis' fans contacted me wanting to express their outrage at QVC for dumping their favorite designer. So I asked them what was it about Louis and his Linea collection that was driving them to go to such lengths to keep him at QVC.

Of course, it goes without saying that they love the clothes. While they adore Louis' classic designs, they also love and respect the man himself. They feel that he's a true gentleman who knows how to properly dress a lady for any occasion and will take the time to teach you how to do it yourself. And he listens ... a hard quality to find in any man!
He has a quality line at exceptionally reasonable prices. It sounds trite, but its true. His styles are more timeless. They are not hokey. I'm retired and live in jeans. But one can't always dress casually, Louis fills the bill when I must dress up. I guess you would say his wardrobe is more suited to professionals and the office, with a little tailored casual thrown in. He comes across very well on air, a true gentleman that appears to adore his wife, who also models his line right along with the QVC models. She worked for the big fashion houses back in the day.
And the Linea Ladies, who have loyally supported QVC with their money for ten years, have some words of advice for the company:
The direction that QVC is headed appears to be trying to attract a younger audience. However, I don't see why doing this has to be done at the expense of Linea. I would think that QVC would want to attract as broad of an audience as possible and offer a broad variety of products to attract a spectrum of viewers/buyers. And, I don't understand this total fascination with Isaac Mizrahi. I'm sure that he has appeal to some customers, but it seems that QVC is staking their entire future on him. It does not seem wise to put all the QVC eggs in one basket. More and more of the offerings on QVC are items that can be easily found at other outlets. I would think QVC would want to focus on things that make it unique, not what someone can purchase at any Wal-Mart or Kohls for the same - or probably less - without the added expense and hassle of shipping fees.
Or as one Linea Lady succinctly put it:
Nothing against Isaac Mizrahi, but there's no way I'm going to buy & wear a plaid mini-skirt!!
Part of the grassroots effort is to hit QVC in the place that hurts them the deepest--the pocketbook. They are all pledging to no longer purchase anything from QVC (with the exception of Louis' big tenth anniversary show next month, of course!)
If QVC can't make it work with Louis, then I will no longer purchase anything from them. It won't be that hard, as items comparable to all of their other lines, except for Linea, can easily be found at other vendors.
I'm tired of companies telling me what I want. Aren't companies supposed to serve the customer? I'm making my voice heard.

Louis Dell'Olio has never been afraid to speak his mind. Queen Bea covered the big feud with ShopNBC designer Pam McCoy over some "copycat" jackets. Read all about it here.

He also quit blogging on the QVC website and started up his own blog in order to have the freedom to truthfully answer questions--starting with why he really wasn't bringing out his designs in tall and petite sizes as so many people had requested.
I understand how hard it is for petites to find clothes to fit them properly. When I was designing at Anne Klein, we had a separate petite division. However, QVC, makes the decision about what is ordered in a petite and what isn’t. I have absolutely NO SAY in the matter. I have been with QVC for ten years [this May] and QVC has only ordered one pant one time in petite and tall sizes…, I truly think it is highly unlikely that they will be ordering anything from me in a petite in the future. I am terribly sorry about this situation…..again, there is really nothing I can do.
dineyj….you are an inspiration! I am so happy you received a great prognosis!!! Your attitude and outlook is terrific….I couldn’t agree with you more…live and be happy today…the past is over….forget it and who knows what tomorrow will bring….it’s a lesson for all of us…be well ad God bless!
Okay, the QVC news. As many of you know they have instituted many new formats. I tried to blog on the “Designer” site, but it wouldn’t go through. I have been advised that from now on I have to submit my blog to them and they would gladly post it. I have decided that is not the way I want to go….so from now on I will only be posting here…on my own site….it will be easier and quicker for all of us. I check it every day, so you can always reach me. I truly enjoy our conversations….I guess I’m a people person! I hope this doesn’t inconvenience you in any way. I look forward to hearing from you after you get your new things. Hope to “see” you tomorrow at 1:00pm for the “Special Occasion” show. I can’t believe we have to drive down there again!
With much love and appreciation….Louis



  1. I'm sorry to hear this. Louis is a very classy designer making classy clothes. All I can think is sales aren't what QVC thinks is enough to justify keeping the line. But so what? If the line has a low return rate and serves a certain demographic that tends to buy other items from QVC, they should keep offering his designs. I think there is a place for fashion for both young and old.

  2. Good information on the Linea line. I have enjoyed his clothing line since he first came to QVC. I like them because they are classy and classic. They are well made and last. I don't work outside my home and I wear his jackets with jeans as well as slacks. I think alot of the Linea Ladies feel that their wishes are being ignored and we will wear IM like it or not. I think QVC will see that we will not be forced into liking IM clothing. Yes, there are probably ladies that do like IM, but it is not for everyone. We want to feel that there will be choices in clothing to suit various tastes and lifestyles, just like in any department store.

  3. QVC has made no secret of the desire to bring in younger customers. It doesn't matter that we mature customers made the channel what it is today - they would rather have a 25-year-old make one purchase each year than a 55-year-old make 30 or 100 ... They have probably had the older person as a customer for years, but they want to bring in a younger group. No woman I know is buying anything from the IM line - he's very personable but that clothing is for young women, for the most part. QVC changed Citiknits, is dropping Louis ... the only ones left from the old crowd will be Susan Graver, Bob Mackie and Jeanne Bice. There is even talk Bradley Bayou is leaving, but who knows?

  4. Thank you QB for reporting on this issue. I am one of the Linea Ladies. Yes, very upset with this situation. I have been reading Louis' blogs--from him and all of us "LL" at his own site. OVC is deleting our posts to them, so many people are truly unaware of how strongly we feel. I want my clothing from a dedicated designer, not from IM who will sell a blouse and then the next item will be a "plaid cheesecake", to match!! We will follow Louis to any venue he may choose; and to QVC we will just "click OFF" !!

  5. I read Louis' latest post from early evening tonight. It is just full of appreciation, etc. for everything we are doing to keep him on air. The end of the post said that QVC had contacted him "for a discussion on the future of Linea"!! (I read it and yelled out loud HIP HIP HOORAHY!!) My fingers are crossed!!

  6. Wow, shocking news, I had no idea. I love many of Louis' clothes, they are so well made and elegant. I hope QVC change their minds, otherwise I expect Louis will be appearing on a competitor's channel, as so many previous hosts and designers have.

  7. Don't know what QVC is doing or what they expect to gain by not providing us with the product lines we have grown to like and purchase from them. Did they forget that we have been the reason behind their success and by ignoring our requests we can also become the reason for their failing? They refuse to be honest about the deterioration of the Tova line and seem to think that they'll receive continued support from us by taking away the very vendors that we support and love. I am very sorry to hear about Louis whom I have come to appreciate and respect not only for his clothing line but that magnificent personality and honest character he possesses (something the QVC had been known for in the past). I will miss Louis and Jac and feel saddened that QVC is ignoring those of us who have supported it all of these years. Too bad, QVC but you must know that we will follow the vendors you have dropped and continue to eliminate from your line-up.

  8. I am very sorry to learn that Linea will be leaving QVC. I am a very frequent shopper and love the Linea line. So I guess my husband will be happy because my qvc purchases will be down considerably. Please tell us where we can purchase your line.


  9. I agree with everyone. I have been a qvc member since before it was qvc. I have to add myself that Mr. Mizrahi sold his clothes at
    Target! That sort of makes the line less than interesting espically for his prices. Poor Isaac

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