Friday, April 16, 2010

There May be a Future for Linea at QVC After All

Thanks to the grassroots efforts of Louis Dell'Olio's loyal fans, his Linea fashion line may still have a future at the Q.

Louis posted the news on his blog today:

My Dear Friends,
I will never be able to tell you enough times how much I appreciate all of your support. I want you all to know that Jac and I have read every Post, Blog and Twitter that has been written. Jac has cried often over your very kind and supportive words. I know about the e-mails and all of your letters and calls to QVC. This has been a very emotional time. How can I ever describe how much you have meant to both of us. My promise to you is that I will always be honest and direct in whatever I say. Because of your efforts alone, QVC has just approached me to say they want to have a discussion regarding the future of Linea. As of last week, there was no future for Linea. I will, of course, keep you informed.
To be continued…….Thank you all and God bless………Louis

Be proud Linea Ladies! Give yourselves a standing ovation and pat on the back!!!I'm beginning to thing that his classically-tailored clothes have superpowers. :-)



  1. WOW!! It does pay to be a squeaky wheel. You Go Linea Ladies! Bravo Bravo!

  2. That is good news. Louis and his loyal customers will be happy that QVC is
    re-thinking their ill advised plan to
    remove him, and his elegant designs from
    their line-up.

    susan r

  3. WTH is QVC thinking? Louis Dell'Olio's line is one of the few they have left worth purchasing! Everyone is not into wearing little sequined ducks or baggy assed crop pants!

  4. Wow, I go away on a short vacation and come back to find out that QVC almost dashed one of my all-time favorite designers? I'm so glad to hear that things seem to be working out. I can't begin to explain how much I would miss watching, buying and wearing Louis' clothes. I've gotten compliments on them for years and years.

  5. What! Louis Dell'Olio's Linea line may not be sold on QVC anymore! I work for a very high end department store that carries the best of the best high end designer clothes. The store is having a party to which I will comfortably and confidently be wearing Louis Dell'Olio from top to bottom. Wearing Louis's clothes, I know I will more than adequately dressed for this affair. I have been wondering why I have been unable to order more of his clothes (that I already have) in other colors, for instance the linea double knit black sequined skirt (I have it in grey, want it in black, and I love it!). I also have several of his jackets and tops. There is a definite QVC consumer market of ladies who love classic chic clothes, and no one fits the bill quite like Louis! The difference between Louis's designs and the "younger" designers clothing? Louis's clothes NEVER go out of style, they are timeless and they remain classic and elegant.


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