Thursday, April 15, 2010


Tonight, GemsTV will be going off the air forever. My heart goes out to all their employees who will now be out of a job in our current economy. Help them "Go Out in Style" for the final show and the final goodbye from 5 to 8 p.m. (EDT).

In case you're looking for some fire-sale prices, the GemsTV website will be up and running for another week. I tried to get on look around, but the website kept crashing on me ... too many people looking for a bargain!

Read about the GemsTV bankruptcy here.



  1. Somehow I never knew about Gems TV, but have been watching like mad the last few days. (Where have I seen Jerry Bartz? SNBC? I really like his pleasant and calm manner.) I hope the hosts, and all those behind the scenes find new jobs, and soon. A sad day. QC

  2. Hello Homeshoppingqueen:
    Is it possible for you to post the link to the goodbye/last day at Gems again? I did not get a chance to see it and when I looked again, it was gone. Thank you for this.
    Yes, it is very sad to see all those people loose their jobs. I thought Gems was a good shopping channel with quality merchandise. They will be missed.

  3. A lot of things are coming into perspective for me now!

    I haven't been following any of this as I don't have GemsTV (but JTV) on my cable programming. However, I'm a gem nerd and I'd love to go lust after the paraiba tourmaline I'd see on, owned by GemsTV. In the past few months, they took down their site due to "inventory". I figured their ship had sailed but had no info whatsoever.

    So yeah, this makes a lot of sense. Really sad, though; I wanted to buy that tourmaline.

  4. This is terrible because not only the show died but also many people won't have job and maybe finding out for new opportunities this is really sad.m10m

  5. Gems TV is back live again (but only in the UK). You can watch Victoria Norris (nee Burton) here
    I work at Gems TV UK, there is a slight chance we could be coming back over the Atlantic / deliver very soon!

  6. Dan Dennis was/is on there, isn't he? Another ex HSN alum.....


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