Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tax Day Sucks

I hate April 15th. There is just nothing good about it. So when QVC offered a beacon of hope ... a small island of free shipping goodness in the unforgiving, tumultuous sea of income taxes ... I was ecstatic!

I hate paying for shipping. I hate that home shopping channels view shipping as another way to make a quick buck than as an unfortunate cost of doing business. I hate that they can't get it through their thick skulls that they are now competing with companies like Amazon, which offers Free Super Saver Shipping on ton of their most popular products every single day.

So you can imagine my disappointment when I headed over to the Q's website this morning only to discover that almost all the products getting the free shipping special treatment are excess inventory products that they are trying to unload. Very disappointing.

ETA: I just read through my post and realized that it sounds very negative. I use the word "hate" a lot, which isn't a word I generally like to throw around. Apparently, taxes really put me in a foul mood. Perhaps I need to relax with a glass of wine and a funny movie tonight!


  1. I'm with you QB! I don't understand if I place an order for multiple items, why do I have to pay shipping on each item?

  2. I actually am with you on this Queeny! I was and am quite disappointed in what they offering on free s/h! Everything should be free s/h!! Oh well..

  3. whoa I just got settled in from work (don't ask) and was getting ready to order some stuff. thanks for the heads up - I, too, thought it was everything. sheesh - forget it.
    I am doing the wine thing though, then off to bed.

  4. I don't know what channel you guys are watching, because most of the things I've seen on the Q today are not clearance items. The makeup, Rykas, Denim & Co, Kathy Van Zeeland purses- not clearance. I could go on and on. Yeah, some clearance in the gold jewelry earlier, but not much since. Go check the hour item list- you'll see. If you are looking for area rugs-No Shipping!! and we all know how heavy those are.

  5. OH please! QVC And HSN are making a KILLING on shipping & handling charges. It's actually quite outrageous that they charge on average $5 to ship an item (say a 2 ounce beauty product).

    Shipping costs need to be reduced, and combined purchases should be one shipping charge per order based on weight, not profit.

    I don't think most people take shipping into account for the total price of an item. If I see something selling for $24.95 - I'm actually paying around $31.71 to get the item home. I can usually find the same item at another online retailer (or Ebay) for a much lower price.

    Back in the day - HSN and QVC used to be a place where you could find items at a lower price than other retailers. Those days are long gone.

  6. Back in the 80's I ordered two gold bracelets fron QVC, on the same day. One was not to my liking (horrible actually) and one was damaged. Well, I decided that I shouldn't have to pay shipping twice, through no fault of my own, and shipped them back in one box. BIG MISTAKE! Apparantly this leads to the theft of one of the items by the employee who opens it. I couldn't prove that I had included them both, so I lost the price of one. On top of that, the customer service rep was rude and essentially said the whole thing was my fault. NOT the fault of QVC, for hiring dishonest people, or for not having some sort of program in place to prevent this. I'd rather shop locally and not pay shipping, or shop online at sites with free shipping, and in many cases no tax!


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