Thursday, April 16, 2009

Shawn Wilsie Gets Jiggy Wit It

ShopNBC host and watch connoisseur, Shawn Wilsie, shakes what his mama gave him! How funny!

If you are obsessed with all things that go tick-tock*, you can keep up with all the latest watch news on Shawn's My Space Blog. He has a website too,, but what he's gonna do with it is a bit of a mystery. This is all you see:

What a tease!

*note: unless said watch is a Rolex, then there should be no ticking or tocking going on.


  1. I saw that Invicta show with Shawn and Kendy. He was adorable! I enjoyed them teamed together and hope SNBC will consider such pairings for future shows. By the way, does anyone remember Shawn and Bargain Bash? He was in his element with that game show atmosphere. I wish the shopping channels would loosen up a bit. I confess those earlier, schmaltzy days had a certain appeal for me. Queen Celeste

  2. people actually still watch Shop-NBC? Comcast keeps moving it up higher and higher, the last time I checked it was like channel 500. I have only bought from them once and it was overpriced garbage

  3. Since they lost Offerings, there isn't much to watch on this station. Their prices are so high, I don't know how anyone can afford their merchandise during these tough times.


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