Friday, April 17, 2009

Reduce, Reuse, and Buy More!?

On April 22, QVC is gonna turn into a bunch of tree-hugging, granola-eating hippies! The Q will be commemorating Earth Day with 24-hours of "green" home shopping geared at saving energy, the planet, and even money--cause "buy more and save" is always the mantra of the environmentalists, doncha know!

Environmentalist and actor Ed Begley, Jr. (remember him from St. Elsewhere?) will be making a special appearance to educate and offer such products as the Bayes Waterless Car Wash (QVC Item #V28583) and the Oxygenics TriSpa Multi-Spray Chrome Showerhead (QVC Item #V28740 and #V28741).

Gorgeously green Sophie Uliano, who represents the newer, cleaner, hotter hippie chick, will also make special appearances to promote living a more Earth-friendly life her books, "Gorgeously Green" (QVC Item #F190838) and "The Gorgeously Green Diet, How to Live Lean and Green" (QVC Item #F06948).

Honestly, I'm glad the Q is putting forth the effort to help the planet and be more responsible, but I can't help but snicker at the seemingly unholy alliance of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle" and "Buy! Buy! Buy!"


  1. QB- the Earth Day bandwagon QVC jumped on is no more hypocritical than the Suze Orman shows (a woman who admittedly owns only one pair of earrings), where Ms Orman preaches the Gospel of Only Buy What You Need-but PLEASE buy my book, which is followed by three hours of Diamondique specials, fashion clearance, and more useless and space eating cookware that you'll never use again.

    But come on in! We've got plenty of Kool-Aide for everybody! LOL!

  2. These environmentalists are ALL nuts!!!!!
    I will not buckle under to the whims of these morons. There is no global warming!!!
    The air is fine but if you don't think so wrap you mouth around the tailpipe of my car, breath in real deep and have fun!!!
    I bought tons of REAL light bulbs (which don't give me headaches!).
    I love plastic bags, plastic bottles in by shower instead of glass bottles for shampoos, etc,.
    Bring back DDT and kill the mosquitos that are killing people from malaria. Yep, the stupid ones took DDT off the market and it's safer than anything else.
    Forget the CAFE and EPA garbage. I want real cars with real power and speed. I don't want a small unsafe car that you have to plug in every few miles. Do you know what your electric bill will be? HAH!
    Environmentalists and their supporters are the real enemy. I don't support anything that supports environmentalists. So if QVC is going for this earth day propaganda .... BYEBYE!!!!! I don't need ya just like you don't need me!. HAH
    BRING BACK DDT!!!!!!!!! SAVE LIVES!!!!!!!!

  3. Woot! Hey y'all, gather up all your non-biodegradable and carcinogenic garbage and take them over to Anon's house for a party!!! DDT balloons for everyone!

  4. I say we all take compost heaps over & show Anon. the real meaning of being earth-friendly!

  5. Anonymous - please tell us what field your Ph.D. is in that you can so boldly say that there are no air quality issues anywhere. I just returned from Santiago, Chile which has a horrible problem with smog. Guess that burning, irritated feeling in my throat must have been caused by something else. Please show us the academic report you've written that debunks the link between air quality and asthma and other respiratory problems. And I'm sure you're well qualified to talk about global warming as well. Perhaps you can explain the glacier I just visited, and why it has shrunk by about 40% in the last 50 years. Please, enlighten us.

  6. I mean come on! Those stupid mercury light bulbs! You have 2 wear a hazmat suit if u break one 2 clean it up! What a jip! Not 2 mention* Everything green is expensive! I am Earth Friendly as much as possible! But I know that Washington is NOT saving a cent!

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