Friday, April 17, 2009

Sophie Miller, Duchess of Bling

Jewelry designer Sophie Miller--heretofore to be referred to as the Duchess of Bling--has been in the jewelry industry for 25 years. She's worked behind-the-scenes for big-name designers (trust me, you know them!) and also sold her own private label jewelry to department stores, speciality stores, and other ... ahem ... places you may be familiar with.

Although she's designed in gold, diamond, and natural gemstones, she's now bringing her love of color and bold designs to her own line of faux jewelry. As she writes on her website, "Especially in these economic times, Sophie strongly believes that all women deserve to be able to purchase stunning jewelry for themselves, at non fine jewelry prices." Amen, sista!

You may recall that Queen Bea got into a bit of a spat with Sophie over a pair of micropave Diamonique hoop earrings (just read through the comments section on this post to catch up), but we have since made friends ... bling builds bridges, y'all!

I'm rather fond of Sophie's "Critter" Collection--that rockin' snake ring pictured above is one of my favorites! But she certainly offers more traditional pieces for those of you who prefer to be more understated.

So why am I talking about Spohie Miller, Duchess of Bling? Well, she has generously offered to answer all of our burning jewelry questions. Anything and everything you've ever wanted to know about jewelry: Can you size silver rings? What is electroform anyway and why are they injecting it with silicone? Is there any difference in CZ jewelry?

Not only that, but, just for submitting a question, you're entered to win a $100 gift certificate toward anything you want on

... But wait! There's more! ...

If something catches your eye, the Duchess has so kindly extended an exclusive 25% OFF COUPON CODE to Home Shopping Queen blog readers. Just enter the code "QueenBea" at checkout.

Enter your questions below!!!

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  1. went to her the gekko ring!! need easy pay lol. OR I need to think of a question and win the $100! lol. Items are very pretty!!


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