Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ellen, the New QVC Queen

Ellen bedazzles herself in Quacker Factory to promote her Halo pet food.

The picture is like the home shopping version of a Where's Waldo or an I Spy book. It's fun to try to spot all the QVC products ... Joan Rivers sunglasses, Technique pots and pans, Virginia Candles reed diffuser ...

Ellen even gives away a new TV and a year's worth of cable just to get this viewer to watch her on the Q:

Maybe Carolyn will at least have a snack before she gets there today so she doesn't resort to eating dog food again.


  1. I *STILL* cannot get the image of Carolyn Gracie eating dog food out of my head from last time Ellen appeared with her. It's seared in my memory forever, and that's not a picture she should want anyone recalling when they hear her name. I know she did it for sales, for a good cause and for a pure product, but still ... ick!

  2. Even though it's all "natural" & she was being a really good sport on the behalf of pets everywhere, it's just not something the general public wants to watch people consume.

  3. I think this commercial is so funny. Very creative!!


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