Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lightning Strikes Kelly Repassy!

Former HSN host and pioneering plus-size model, Kelly Repassy, provided some much-needed color as part of the roundtable discussion on Fox-13 Tampa's 'Lightning Round.' Including an interesting conversation about things that sound dirty but actually aren't: Pumas, Tatas, and Hummers (oh my!) Speaking of words that sound dirty, no one on any home shopping channel should ever use the term nasolabial folds ever again. Ever. Seriously.

Kelly also recommends her favorite skincare collection, RAW Natural Beauty, on her website. Could there be some sort of endorsement deal in the works? Is this similar to Carol Alt's RAW Essentials line? And why do they both spell raw in all caps?


  1. I love my HUMMER!!!!!
    I laugh at all the BIG people squeeeeeesed into their small imports. HAHAHAHAHAHAH Suckers!!!!!!
    Hummers were not a trend, but unfortunately the whacked weirdo environmentalists have poisoned the atmosphere toward oil (gosh, how awful!). Give me a big ol' American built big car any day.

  2. Noticed that Richard and Marianna Jacobs formerly of ShopNBC have joined HSN.ShopNBC was right to dump the McCoys-what a tedious pair!They caused me to stop watching the network totally.I really miss Kelly Repassy-HSN was wrong to let her go.There are a few hosts with charisma on HSN but QVC is #1 in that regard.It really is about the presentation.Not sure what market HSN is trying to reach these days.

  3. HSN is a nightmare to work for and work with. Several people in high positions are so far over their heads. It is the only company where people fail UP! The executives in the on air department are by far the worst and under qualified for their positions.


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