Monday, April 13, 2009

QVC and the Art of Instant Gratification

I don't think that a girl should have to wait for fake diamonds. That kinda defeats the purpose of buying the fake stuff. Diamonique is not something that you have to scrimp and save for and worry that it will go out of style in ten years after you spent a fortune to buy it. It's just a little something special you get for yourself because it's pretty and fun--instant sparkle gratification.

After a long fake diamond dry spell, I find myself rather enamoured with the new Judith Ripka Emerald Cut Wedding Band. I've had my eye on this ring for at least the last week--ever since those super sleuths on the Ripka message board found it (Shout out to the Ripka board! I know you already have a Queen, but perhaps I can be a visiting dignitary or something?)

But if I order it now, it won't even ship until June 18th.

Huh??? That's more then two months away!

Why didn't they just wait to sell it on June 18th? Maybe as a TSV? I'm completely baffled.

Of course, if you don't order today, you miss out on the special anniversary price. How annoying. Considering we have to wait for two months to get the ring, the Q could have at least offered free shipping or a special coupon for our inconvenience.

Patience is not and never has been a home shopping virtue. How can I fall prey to their slippery sales tactics and impulsively buy a ring that I don't really need if they aren't even going to send it to me?

As Margaret Thatcher said, "I am extraordinarily patient, provided I get my own way in the end."


  1. I saw that too, and figured that they are going to make Only the number that are ordered, rather than take a flyer that this ring will sell and sell. Could this be the new face of jewelry on home-shopping channels ?? This is the only way that QVC does not get stuck with a backlog of unsaleable jewelry. Of course, some will return it, but few enough to allow those returned to be resold immediately, IF they are taking Waitlisting.

  2. I say they're doing it because it's a wedding band & they are not sure about the response to it & to be on the careful side, advance orders is what they're doing. I believe, but am not sure, that they did have some available immediately in the beginning but later orders were rolled over to advanced orders. Most of Ripka's jewelry is for anyone married or single but maybe they weren't quite sure about the audience & market for this particular piece. At any rate, everyone's feeling the pinch & you know the home shopping channels have to be even though they don't project it.

  3. ...anyway, it's a beautiful ring. I'm thinking about it, myself.

  4. I was always under the impression the diamonique was supposed to be a step up from the more common cz. But, if you look closely at the Judith Ripka ring you will see the cz stamp clearly on the inside of this ring. Could it be the long wait is due to the fact that it is made in Asia and must take a slow boat back to the US?

  5. CZ is CZ is CZ. Diamonique is simply a trade name given for QVC's brand of CZ.

  6. Times are tough for QVC. They won't stock anything they don't have to. The advance order stuff is covering their nut. They don't care about the customers. People need to not order the advance order items. It's BS.


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