Monday, April 13, 2009

QVC Jewelry Designer Jennifer Carey on Dateline

Paul Krueger, that con man Queen Bea posted about last June, was profiled last night on Dateline. Our mystery Texas jewelry designer turns out to be Jennifer Carey.

Although she wasn't interviewed, she was briefly mentioned in the Dateline piece. In a nutshell, Jennifer met Paul on the online matchmaker site, She went to Atlantic City with him, but eventually got into a fight with him about money. She hired a private investigator after he threatened her. The investigator contacted the police about the threats.

It doesn't look like Jennifer will be sticking around the Q much longer. A quick search of Jennifer Carey on QVC turns up a small page of mostly clearance items--never a good sign.

You can watch the entire Dateline piece on Paul Kruger here. Jennifer is mentioned in part four around the 2:40 mark. I used to have the video embedded, but it was taking waaaay too long to load!


  1. Just noticed Jennifer Cary has an hour show tax day, April 15th at 2 am on qvc

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  3. Really surprised to find out she is in Texas. really beautiful work!

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