Wednesday, June 4, 2008

QVC Jewelry Designer Victim of Con Man!

According to the Associated Press, a homeless man "posed as a music mogul on an Internet dating site and swindled more than $100,000 from 13 women all around the country. ... 50-year-old Paul Krueger is being held without bail in Atlantic County, New Jersey. He was apprehended at a casino. ... charges include theft, deceptive or fraudulent business practices and Pennsylvania Securities Act violations. ... Krueger posed as a Grammy Award-nominated music producer but was actually homeless, his only possession a laptop computer. He told women he was starting a company to manufacture DVDs and CDs. Souderton police investigated when a woman who invested $10,000 complained to federal authorities that he had stopped returning her phone calls."

That information came out four days ago, but these details are just surfacing today:

Authorities also learned that a Texas woman who designs jewelry and appears on the cable television network QVC met Krueger through the Internet dating service and went to Atlantic City with him in July 2007.

Krueger wanted the woman to invest money with him and so she hired a private investigator to run a background check on Krueger, according to court documents. When the QVC entrepreneur discovered Krueger had a poor financial history, she ended the relationship, detectives said. However, Krueger demanded that the woman pay him for gifts he had purchased for her. When the woman refused, Krueger allegedly threatened that he would "seriously damage her personal and professional reputation," authorities wrote in the arrest affidavit.

The QVC personality was so frightened of Krueger that she asked East Whiteland police in Chester County to provide her with an escort when she made appearances on QVC in July and August of 2007, according to court documents. She asked police to escort her to and from QVC headquarters.

Who is it?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?

Female jewelry designer from Texas that was scheduled on the air last July and August ... Queen Bea is on the trail!

Please, ladies, be careful on the Internet!
Update is here.


  1. that's what happens when you find your dates on some stupid millionaire match making site!!!

  2. IDK-Judith Ripka?

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  4. Paul Krueger is a man, who has many charges of fraudulent and criminal activities in the country. He must be in the prison, but he is free till now. This is disappointing.

  5. so sorry. wish her and her family peace during such a diificult time.


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