Wednesday, June 4, 2008

HSN Today's Special: Cougars Unite!

Marilyn Miglin Pheromone Precious Jewels Collection

Item# 327-539
No FlexPays

The cougars are licking their paws and on the prowl today! Queen Bea quietly purrs meow ...

Marilyn describes this scent as a "man magnet," so if you aren't trying to get a little action, don't buy this perfume! Having a Marilyn TS is worth it just to watch this classy, funny lady and all her entertaining and randy call-in testimonials from happy cougars.

Reviews on the actual perfume are mixed as are all reviews on all perfumes. Scent is so subjective. Wear whatever you love as long as you don't put so much of it on that it gives Queen Bea a headache! Pulse points, people ... pulse points.

Wonder if HSN tested this out on their new "weather boy," Maven?

On a side note, Marilyn's husband, Lee Miglin, was murdered by Andrew Cunanan--the same man who killed Versace. Lee Miglin was a real estate developer credited with creating the concept of the business park (integration of office and warehouse space).

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