Monday, April 6, 2009

Just When You Think QVC has Run Out of Things to Sell ...

I don't know how I missed this on St. Patrick's day.


The Q is selling dirt now.

Granted, for your $31.62 + $5.97 S&H, you also get a bowl and a pack of Shamrock seeds. ... but wait! there's more! ... I think that if you add water, you will get something called mud.

According to, the Auld Sold Export Company's Irish dirt, which sold out on QVC last month, originally was sold so that Irish immigrants could have "a drop of auld sod on their casket." And the dirt isn't just any old dirt, it has a secret formula that allows it to be imported into the country.

So far, $1 million worth of dirt bags have been sold.

Anyone insterested in some Queen Bea dirt???


  1. Hey..don't make fun. I'm still waiting for my shipment of irish dirt to arrive! Fact is, I really bought it for the Beleek bowl. A couple of Shamrocks and some dirt are just a bonus.

  2. A sucker born every minute! (No offense Anonymous!)

  3. You gotta go read that review!! lmao H17338 at qvc.

  4. H16740 new item no.

    hey it's no different than buying a chia


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