Monday, April 6, 2009

Home Shopping Cage Match ... After Dark!

Vote in the latest Home Shopping Cage Match!!!

This time, we're closing the blinds and getting naughty with intimate apparel. Home shopping doesn't need Bob's the kitchen to get things hot and steamy!

Whose bra lifts the girls and gives you rockin' cleavage? Whose shapewear smooths out that muffin top?

Do you like to breathe easy with the Gendel ladies and their UlimAir lined Breezies?

Maybe you prefer Dr. Rey's more ... ummm ... "hands-on" approach.

Or perhaps you like to stay up all night watching Rhonda Shear.

Cast your vote at the top of the left-hand column.


  1. Huh??? Did you say something? Sorry, I was distracted by a pair of...... oh, never mind!

    I voted....and for some reason I have this urge to get my guitar and play "Oh, Donna".

    Seeya later.

  2. Rhonda Shear is great fun to watch, due to her light, "shapewear isn't brain surgery" attitude.

    Dr. Rey and his heavy-handed friend (Bruno? I always forget) are creepy. The stethescope (sp?) is great schtick, however, not to mention those karate moves.

  3. Hugh ... you are welcome! :-)

    Anon .. I will never understand why Dr. Rey needs a stethescope to sell underwear!


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