Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Queen Bea is Watching You

There are a few of my posts that have garnered rather large and intense comments sections (such as here and here)--and I'm not just trying to toot my own Tootie horn here! I'm working up to deep, philosophical point about freedom of speech, people.

Some of those comments are interesting and insightful while others are downright vicious and hurtful--not to mention my favorite category: unfounded salacious rumors! Who knew that Bob was in a lesbian love triangle??? Go figure.

I've had a longstanding hands-off approach to all the comments--yes, even the nasty ones about yours truly. I figure that we are policed and poofed enough on other message boards that I would just let freedom ring on my blog. I don't exactly feel like I'm qualified to be the judge, jury, and executioner since I am no King Solomon. Besides, most trolls and troublemakers end up hanging themselves with their own rope anyway.

Since I don't have official "community standards," I thought I would just let you know where I stand on all the foofaraw.

Would you prefer that the comments be subject to my Big Brother approval or would you rather take the good with the bad and sort it out for yourself???


  1. I come here for all the dirt, good, bad and evrything inbetween. Everyone has there own opinion and should feel free to express it. What bugs me are the folks that hide under "Anon"


  2. Hmmm, I tend to think that we should be able to read the good, bad & the ugly of all the comments but if it becomes vulgar, only then maybe substitute %$&!!! for particular words. I doubt that it will get to that point but you never know!

  3. An interesting entry...and I read it early on, but decided to wait awhile, think about it, and see what some others thought.

    The two particular posts you linked to reminded me of an out of control bar room fight that spilled over into the street- it was a "cyber-mob" mentality, no holds barred, sharks smelling blood in the water. I do respect the right of an individual to express an opinion- I don't respect attack dogs who hide behind annonymity. In those two posts 90% of the posts were annonymous, some were sympathetic and insightful, others were like a bunch of teenagers trying to push the buttons of authority.

    Having run boards at various times for a half dozen years my rule was (and is)..if it becomes menacing, threatening, racial, xenophopic, or sexually explicit, the hammer came down. Also, if a poster made a statement that was so off the charts wrong or bordered on the defammatory, I felt I had a responsibility to at least challenge what they said; not necessarily delete or ban them, just ask for some proof- in my opinion, that's just the responsible thing to do.

    Tough call, QB. There's no such thing as a right answer on this one.

  4. You aren't fooling me, Hugh. you just came back to look at the boobs again! :-)

    It is a difficult call. And I hate being the one to make it. There's also the issue of the time it takes to police the boards. It's not like I don't have many other obligations.

    Perhaps allowing people to report problems and only following up with those?

    Not sure. I'm going to have to think about this.

  5. My vote is for taking the good with the bad and sorting it out - nothing is either all rosy and sunshine nor black and menacing. Day to day, circumstance to circumstance, things can change. JMO LindaSonia

  6. p.s. agree that vulgarity is not acceptable. LindaSonia

  7. LindaSonia--determining what is "vulgar" is the problem. One man's art is another man's porn.

  8. I'd rather read it all. While I'm not keen on reading nasty comments on peoples' looks (what they cannot help that is), I'd rather read the bad and good and just filter out the offensive bits. Thanks for asking us.

  9. It's your blog, Queen Bea, so it's your call. Run it as YOU see fit and as your sensibilities warrant. As always, there will be those who will not read and participate, and there will be those who enjoy thoroughly. Put me in the latter category.

  10. I'm with CupCaked. Its your call. But since you asked *lol*, I say keep it all, unless its spam of course.

  11. Hi Queen Bea - I've been reading for over a year and none of it bothers me. While some comments are ridiculous, you have to remember that these are the same ridiculous people we meet in real life, but they get braver/nastier hiding behind the interwebs. I say you do whatever strikes your fancy...you'll know exactly what to do when/if the time comes. Love the blog!

  12. I love reading your blog and have probably only commented a couple times. I think you do a great job and I don't mind reading other people's opinions. So many message boards are censored and while I agree there may at times be a need for that. I kind of like reading what other people think, even if I don't agree with them.

    Anyway it's your call, as someone else said, you'll never please everyone.

    Keep up the great work!

  13. P.S. Don't give all who post anonymous a bad rap. I usually only read here as I said and I've never even looked into how people go about registering here.


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