Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Joan Rivers: Small & Mighty!

I don't know if you've been keeping up with Joan on The Celebrity Apprentice, but things are getting dicey--especially with a certain pig-headed country crooner. Joan speaks her mind about all the lying, cheating, and backstabbing on her QVC blog.

I thought from the beginning that Joan was playing it smarter than everyone else. Who else wears a necklace on the show and turns around the next night and sells it on the Q as part of her new Boardroom Collection? Brilliant and quite business savvy! Win or lose, she beats everyone. Hands down.

After both teams failed to make a viral video that All liked and there was a double elimination, All Small & Mighty asked Joan and Melissa to make their own viral videos. You can check them out here and be doing something good for charity for your trouble--every time that you do, 50¢ goes to charity.

Melissa and I were asked by All Small & Mighty to do other videos. Here’s the best part: They donated $20,000 to each of our charities as a thank you!! Melissa’s is the Lili Claire Foundation, which gives counseling to families of terminally ill children. Mine—after God’s Love We Deliver—is Guide Dogs for the Blind. Keep an eye on the web for our videos!

Go Joan! FTW!!!

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