Monday, April 6, 2009

Andrew Lessman's Webcast

After some initial technical glitches ...

... Andrew got to answering questions and kept talking for over two hours. Basically, if you like him and his presentations, you would have enjoyed the webcast. If you don't and he grates on your last nerve, this clearly wasn't for you.

He did not sell or overtly promote any of his products. He touched on a plethora of vitamin and health related topics and actually had time to fully explain his thoughts without the HSN countdown clock making him shut up and move on to the next product.

I started taking notes in the beginning so I could give a brief run-down of all the topics, but it lasted waaay longer than my allotted lunch break.

It was good. It was informative. Hopefully I can get my 5-HTP question to go through before the next one. I kept hitting the submit button, but nothing happened. Either Andrew got the question twenty times or not at all. Oh well.

Check it out and submit your own questions here:

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