Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No Bonus Round for Todd Newton

No Whammy ... no Whammy ... Stop! Game show host turned HSN host, Todd Newton, has decided to take his lovely parting gifts and go home.

Like most of the hosts hired in the past year (see QB's favorite, Candice Kumai here and here), Todd is no longer listed on the HSN host page.

HSN really needs to re-think how they hire hosts. Seems like they have been putting lots of time and money into people that were obviously not well suited for the job (i.e. complete train wreck) or just not motivated to keep the job any longer then they absolutely had to.

Just a glace at Todd's IMDB page should tell you that he had no intention of staying at HSN very long. Yes, he wants to host. But, no, he doesn't want to sell vacuum cleaners. Why invest the time and money into training him?

I just can't get past his stint on "Wild On ..." That show is just yucky. Not a fan. Sorry. I'm sure he enjoyed himself though.


  1. I found you while bloggy-surfing Love your blog!!
    also I completely agree!!

  2. I didn't think much of him as a HSN Host anyhow!

  3. HSN did a huge audition call in LA for hosts last year. Hollywood hosts are not usually a good mix for home shopping. It is a fish out of water situation. Hosts are used to being the star and with home shopping, the star is the product. The bottom line, home shopping is a SALES job and most Hollywood hosts are not in the entertainment business to have a sales job.

  4. Good point Anon! Ultimately, the product is the star, not the host--however entertaining they may be.

  5. I believe during his brief tenure at HSN Todd Newton never relocated to Florida, and continued to commute. I either read it on this board or heard him say it during a show. It must have gotten pretty pricey- not to mention exhausting- to live out of a suitcase for days on end.

    So...of the original "Generation Next" of HSN hosts (Candace Kumai, Carla Fisher, Kara Connor, Christian Anderson, and Todd Newton) its "adios amigos y amigas!"...all lasted less than a year, and now there are replacements for the replacements.

    I guess they can't afford retention bonuses without government assistance at HSN, LOL!

  6. I've always liked Todd, and couldn't beleive when I saw him on HSN. I thought, "wow, you sure have taken a step down." Sure hope he lands somewhere better suited to his talents.

  7. I really liked Todd, I thought he's a gorgeous man and enjoyed watching him very much. If you want to talk about train-wrecks why isn't anyone mentioned QVC?? Their hosts, old, new and all the rest and mostly unprofessional (with a few exceptions) and in the past few years they have fired more than they have hired.


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