Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Behind the Scenes with New QVC Host Amy Stran

Normally I would find cutsie videos like this completely lame, but these Amy Stran videos are actually kinda cute. She's like a Freshman on her first day of class. Who is she gonna sit by in the cafeteria?!?

And I love how all the random employees passing by do their very best to ignore her or dart away as quickly as possible! Gotta feel the QVC family love.

Part One: Driving into QVC

Part Two: Walking Around the QVC Building (watch all the other employees scurry away!)


  1. Those were cute & for those of us who don't live close enough to tour the facility, it's interesting video.

  2. I think she looks like actress Meg Tilly.

  3. For an aspiring host--these videos are great!!

  4. Who is QVC trying to appeal to? High schoolers? Those videos were the worst. Like, ummm, ya know? Whatever!

  5. amy is a doll! of course being with someone like that can get old after a bit cuz they never shut up. think i could make an exception on her part though. she's a little hottie with a rockin' little bod. i'd like to co-star with her in her flip videos. sorry steve.

  6. Hey Amy. You're super-cute, love your energy and enthusiasm. Killer smile. Your video skills however, are suspect. Oh well, luv ya anyways!
    p.s. what's with the hair?

  7. Amy Strand cannot pronounce words with the letter L in it. And it drives me nuttts!


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