Thursday, March 26, 2009

What Does Brown Think of You?

Do you ever wonder what the UPS man thinks about you and that stack of QVC packages you got after Creede Silver Strike Day or everything on Easy Pay day???

Does he judge you? Snicker at you behind your back? Does he think that you're a stupid, gullible hick with nothing better to do than max out your poor husband's credit cards while you sit on the couch eating bon-bons?

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but he probably does.

Just check out the Brown Cafe message board for UPS men. Here are a few snippets:

Can you believe these women? Can you believe this addiction? I say its an addiction because I have never delivered just one QVC or HSN package to an odd house. NEVER!Its always the same address getting multiple packages 4-5 days/week!Its disturbing. If it was my wife I would classify it as a drug addiction. Spending money on crap you don't need EVERDAY sounds like an addiction to me.I shocked at these women. I know I'm right. They are hooked on the TV sales person. These TV people could advertise a fresh pound of dog crap in a scratch and snif bag and it would be bought by every QVC queen on my route! LOL

The best is when you make a delivery and look thru the window and guess what is on the tube,,,,,,,Qvc

I have a few too that are everyday stops. I have one lady that I DRed three rugs too and they stayed unopened on her front porch for eight years. One day she had her garage door up and she had unopened boxes stacked to the ceiling there too. Finally she stopped getting stuff a couple of years ago. I have been fussed at by quite a few husbands who came to the door when I deliver it. One woman had QVC burned permanently into the corner of her projection TV. Yet another told me once that she would tape the show at night so she could see what she missed while she was sleeping. Some of these people go insane with this stuff.

Hmmm ... what can Brown do for you???


  1. Apparently, Brown can judge you.

  2. I think these guys need to show more forbearance towards a group whose harmless addiction is a significant factor in their own job security.

  3. Michael is damn right... if it wasn't for us a lot of their jobs would NOT be needed..

    I think these comments are very unprofessional...

    I am not happy ~

  4. I guess we are gist for their amusement, but yes, we do pay their salaries.... As more an HSN addict I can only imagine what my driver thinks! One day will live in infamy. I was just getting into the car with Mr. C when the brown truck drove up. Perfect timing. I knew it was trouble when the driver came out with a dolly and proceeded to make two or three trips to the front door with parcels. (Big, good sale.) I was mortified. Ah well, at least I open my packages. And sometimes even wear the apparel!

  5. well if you note this on the QVC Forums you get poofed very quickly.

  6. Dang! And we're helping to pay their salaries ...

    (MY UPS man always stops to play with my dog and give her a cookie. She adores him even more than I do.)

  7. the lazy UPS drivers should be happy and thankful for HSN/QVC customers because without them maybe they would be out of a job.

  8. I really doubt that if y'all stopped shopping that these guys would be out of a job. And I really doubt they're lazy, either -- they do their job, don't they? You go and deliver heavy packages all day long.

    Eye roll. Maybe if this didn't hit so close to home, it wouldn't bother you so much. You're reading a snark blog, after all.


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