Friday, February 20, 2009

Patti is Playing Head Games

First, Patti's leaving ("former QVC host" meta tag controversy), then she's not so sure (vague blog announcements and scattered part-time on-air hours), but then she finally pinky swears that she's absolutely positively officially staying with QVC as a full-time host (the big announcement).

However, nothing with Patti is ever simple. This much I know.

Patti just posted a professionally produced demo reel on You Tube with her contact information included in the video. Why? She's not looking for a job anymore. She's not, right? Right???

I think Patti's just toying with us at this point. She's swirl, tap, buffing my brain!

Watch it for yourself:

Is she just looking for some additional gigs on the side? Wouldn't she do that more subtly through her representation?

Patti better be careful because I do know that QVC is actively looking for new hosts. You can watch all sorts of entertaining audition tapes from hosting hopefuls on You Tube.

However, some of the auditioners are going the more traditional route with professional representation (although some of these places look a little sleazy--I don't want anything those half-nekkid ladies are selling!)

If you think you have what it takes, here's what the Q wants in a new host. It states that they are looking for men or women, but I've heard that they really want a woman. Sorry guys! Although I have to give props to Rick for not only being able to pull off a jewelry show, but he even had to do a Breezies bra presentation recently. Only a real man can sell bras on television!

The starting pay ain't to shabby either ... hey, I'm a woman and I can talk ...


  1. Interesting....... I wonder what the powers that be have to say about it?!?!


  2. What is up with this chic ? Ever since she lost all that weight she has fallen more in love with her self everytime I see her on air.

    I used to really enjoy watching her but now I turn the channel when she is on..

    It is easy to see that she thinks she is Miss QVC.. I think she is jealous of another host - I will not name...

    Am I right or wrong ?

  3. Wow QB,I look forward to what you have to say every day, but some days there is nothing and I am disappointed. Then you come out with two days of really good stuff!

  4. Carolyn--I would looove to know what TPTB think of this ... and many other things for that matter!

    Adamsgin--Patti is certainly a polarizing figure. Love her or hate her, she finds ways to get attention.

    Pat--Even a blind squirrel gets a nut ev'er now and again! Seriously though, since I have a whole family and work-filled life outside of the blog, I'm not always able to properly tend to it. Happy reading!

  5. Patti seems to be one of those people who Just Never Learns. She is definitely cruisin' for a bruisin'. The Q took her back, and This is the thanks they get ?? Shame on you, Patti, shame on you.

  6. Patti was getting married, then she's not. She was leaving, then she's not. Then she's posting herself on YouTube. Who knows what is going on behind the scenes at the Q, they could be yanking her chain & making her jump thru hoops causing her to react. You can't just look at one party & judge by their reactions what is really truly going on. She does seem to be having a hard time deciding what to do but that doesn't mean she isn't getting pushed around at QVC either. Hard to know, only those directly involved can know for sure....

  7. Patti seems not only love herself but also "high drama". I really wish she'd grow up and stop this stupid game she's playing. If I were QVC I'd ditch this chick for good, I think she's probably had more complaints about her antics then any other host. She may have lost weight on her body but it all ended up in her head! I feel sorry for her (sort of) she's such a wanna be!

  8. I thought the Patti video was badly done with the abruptly ending music and jumping around. It didn't make her look all that great but whatever Patti. I figure she only resigned with QVC because she had no other job offers but she wants to keep her options open.

    I think she wants to be some sort of spokesperson or marketing executive traveling around the country for a beauty brand company, but she didn't get a good reception so had to keep that horrible QVC Hosting gig job.

  9. I think Patti filed a state worker's compensation claim for stress and to do that she had to be under a doctor's care. Under that program, she would be totally off work until her doctor releases her to light duty. QVC probably had to put her on light duty until her physician releases her to full time work. That could take weeks or months. That would explain why she is not doing many shows.

  10. Patti is a big baby and needs to grow up and either do her job or move on.

  11. There was a time I really liked Patti and her presentations on QVC. But her personality has changed dramatically and I no longer find her enjoyable. I hope they never pair her with Nick Chavez again because she was so rude to him. I hope she does find other work and moves on.

    Her blogs about staying or going from QVC are unprofessional. She thinks very highly of herself and it's become obnoxious.

    This video of her is almost nauseating and makes her look very phony.

  12. Patti's video "is" nauseating and I think she "is" phony! Her website really bugs me, it's all her and she's just full of drama there too. I have absolutely no doubt she set that up to gain some sympathy for herself and frankly I think it made her look even more pathetic. I've never been over weight so I don't know what that's like that but millions of people lose weight, she's certainly not the only one. Kudos to her for her hard work, maybe she could work on her inner self now. I really think it's been her personality all along that gets under people's skin although she has been so much worse since the weight loss.

  13. It's SO obvious. She was going to leave QVC for a supposedly better gig and ended up violating her contract. Her website was not OK'ed by QVC. She has not touched it since November of 2008. You don't have to be 007 to see this was a bad move on her part.

  14. The professionally produced video you are referring to was NOT posted on You Tube or done by Patti. ALL of the QVC hosts did this type of video when QVC updated the host photos in the bio section of their website. You will find ALL of these videos on You Tube, not just Patti's. These were done at the end of 2007. When QVC shot the 'interview' with each host, they also had specific Christmas references at the end of each video. The entire video for each host was shown for the first time that Christmas. The website version just omits the holiday part. They will probably replay them this Christmas in full.

  15. Oh, thank you ALL! I was wondering if I was the only one out here in the grass roots who could not take another minute of Patti. Her behavior is bizarre to say the least. Yes, I admire her for the weight loss--I would admire anyone, not just her--but her tasteless and unprofessional behavior make me ill. I am surprised that the Q has not fired her. She's a Lisa R. clone--both adore themselves on their monitors. Don't they know that WE are looking at their tilted heads as they peer lovingly at themselves. Oh, I have my claws out, but I feel strongly that when on national TV, one must at all times be professional. Now, it's fine to be informal, but not crude. Both Patti and Lisa are rude and crude. Enough said--I enjoyed reading the other posts!!!

  16. I think it's great that she is looking for other work. She cost Bob his job at QVC and now she's looking to get out. How typically Patti.

  17. Sorry, but there would be NO workers compensation going to Patti. The hosts are contracted, independent individuals. Every contract is as unique as the host. She tried to pull a fast one and flopped. She's lucky QVC did not sue her for breach of contract.

  18. Video removed by user! Ha! What does that tell all of the Patti fan club members out there?

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