Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Patti Gives a Straight Answer in a Round About Way

Can you believe how different Patti looks??? I usually don't notice people's weight gain or loss until I see an old photo. Although I didn't think that she was that big to begin with. Yes, she was a pear--a fruit that I can definitely relate to--but she looked fine to me. Of course, I live in the deep-fried South. We grow 'em big and healthy around here, so my perspective might be a little skewed.

Anyway, on Patti's most recent blog entry, she tries to directly address the ongoing QVC controversy by looking it straight in the ... ummm ... toes and basically avoids actually saying anything at all.

Here's the quote:

"I've been asked a lot about whether or not I'm leaving QVC, why haven't I been hosting more shows lately, etc… I can't give anyone a straight answer on that. "We'll see" is the best that I can do for now."

As to the rest of the blog entry, she sounds depressed. I'm going to play armchair psychologist here and take a stab at what's going on: in the past, she was able to easily blame her problems on her weight, use her weight as an excuse, and generally hide behind it. Now that she has shed the pounds, she's having to face life without any insulation or excuses. That's just my two cents for what it's worth. Who knows ...

There's also a rumor going around that she was dating someone in upper management at the Q, but that they recently broke up. If that's true, that would certainly explain her mood and the whole leaving/staying/leaving/one-hour-shifts-occasionally thing that's been going on.

Another day, another Patti rumor.


An Anonymous tipster emailed me this link, which has the following little tidbit:

"Patti is leaving qvc. She is leaving to get married. His name is John K. Lillin. She met him on a trip to England. Everyone is very glad about her weight loss."


  1. Sounds like she is in contract negotiations and she isn't sure what is going to happen yet.

  2. Or she could've overcommitted herself, accepted a position that fell through or something like that & rocked the boat at QVC. They may not want to let her go immediately because Bob left so abruptly so they may leave her dangling to appease their audience. At any rate, someone knows what's going on but it's NOT us!

  3. It really burns me up the way these home shopping channels seem to view their hosts as disposable--like we wouldn't notice if Patti just disappeared into thin air? Come on, now...

  4. I think all that was realy her boob implant and lipo healing time.''Her medical leave''

  5. No on the marriage. No on the boob job. Yes on the lap band.

    I have it on good authority that if she was getting married, she would be blabbing it non-stop on the air. Just look at how often she has to tell us she's going to NYC or LA. Bottom line? That information has nothing to do with her doing her job. She's just a wannabe.

  6. Too bad the weight loss did not give her the happiness she obviously craves. Outside looks better, inside looks worse.

  7. I think they dumped her plain and simple. She has manic episodes on air and can't stop talking. She is totally unprofessional and needs medication.

  8. Patti I think you are great! You are fun and informative on air. I will miss seeing you. Give her a break! Shes not an actress but a show host doing her job just as any other person would do.

  9. I'm a big QVC fan...about Patti Reilly, I could care less if she stayed or went...she's not that impressive...none of them actually are..they all kind of seem full of themselves...and when I found out what they make..!!! I couldn't believe it..!! no wonder they are willing to work all kinds of hours!!..for that amount of money I would too..!!!........

  10. Hi Patti, I will miss you,believe me everyone will. You have a wonderful personality, are very pretty inside and out. You gave every show you hosted energy. I thaught you may have joined philosophy group. Just know that whatever reason you had for leaving we will all miss you, And I wish you happiness in whatever you decide to do. Never think about what others think. Its what you feel that counts. All Best wishes for you God Bless Nancy from Pa.

  11. Can someone answer this(as I am new to the Q) She always seemed to slide her toes to a pidgeoned toe stance.What was that about?

    1. LOL and i thought it was just me..

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