Saturday, February 21, 2009

HSN has a New Goddess

Offerings jewelry recently jumped the sinking ship that is ShopNBC and swam to higher ground. Looks like all those prayers to the goddess paid off for Richard and Marianna Jacobs, cause they landed safely on HSN island.

Take a gander at this quote from Colleen Lopez's recent blog from the Tuscan Gem Show (emphasis mine):

The highlight of the trip was spending the day with two of the most talented jewelry designers I've ever met: Richard and Marianna Jacobs. I've admired the Jacobs' jewelry designs for years - and many of you will recognize this husband and wife team (and their beautiful offerings) as they have been showcasing their jewelry on television for more than a decade. I'm thrilled to announce that Richard and Marianna will be bringing their glorious collection of Sajen Silver to HSN's Silver Gallery on March 28th.

Don't you love how Colleen was super sneaky and sly with her dog whistle use of the word "offerings?" Pretty slick, if I do say so myself.


  1. How cool to interview Lori. I have her silver safekeeper (western style suede one) & I just love it. I wish she'd do more of that. I can't think of any questions for her though.

    Haha "sly dog whistle use of word offerings" - just love the way you turn a phrase QB! It's what keeps me coming back here again & again!

  2. I was thrilled to hear that Sonia B. will be returning to ShopNBC. I only hope that her quality will be the same.

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  4. Now they're back at shop HQ, right? I think HSN has many (maybe too, in the Jacobs' eyes) "exotic" jewelry vendors. Their stuff is beautiful, and they seemed to do well on hsn..why move? Also, HSN has many more viewers than shop HQ. Why did they go back?

    1. To get away from the gushing, fawning, phoney Colleen Lopez.

    2. Just grazing and found this.....laughed for 10 minutes. Could be true, too...but either way, your comment is funny. And an accurate description of Lopez.


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