Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lori's Cracking Open the Silver Safekeeper

Lori Greiner, the reigning diva of divine creations, is taking your questions, y'all!

I will be interviewing Lori soon and I want your help (trust me, Queen Bea needs all the help she can get!) What do you want to know about Lori? Favorite flavor of ice cream? Most embarrassing moment ever? Coolest celebs she's met in the Q's green room? What do you want to know???

Leave your questions in the comments section of this post or email them to Queen Bea at

But wait! There's more! We'll be making a big announcement after the interview (I'm sooo excited!!!) ... so until then keep your silver safe and your questions coming.


  1. I love your safekeepers, Lori! I have to ask, what products do you use in your hair. It's always so lovely. Anything from QVC? thanks, QB!

  2. how cool is that!I bet your excited!!!

    How do you come up with ideas for products and how many patents do you hold.


  3. Lori,
    Why did you become a blonde? Just doesn't fit you.


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