Friday, February 6, 2009

Honeyshed R.I.P.

In my post about this supposed new, hip, young, fresh take on home shopping called, Honeyshed, I described it as ... "the hyperactive lovechild of QVC and My Space who's being raised by a bunch of narcissistic MTV rejects."

Quite the glowing review, doncha think? (Actually, the entire Honeyshed post is worth a quick read!)

Well, seems like they didn't show enough leg or perky bazoombas to actually get anyone to buy anything because the whole place is shutting down. Investors have pulled the plug after getting modest online traffic and dismal sales.

Even though a good third of home shopping channel sales are from the Internet now, we aren't quite ready to make the full transition yet to online only. I'm sure it'll happen eventually and gradually, but you can't force it. Besides, even all us Internet-only buyers are still watching the nonstop home shopping entertainment on TV. What would we do without it???

For those of you trying to push all those home-shopping-loving grannies into the new millennium, fear not! A new website is trying to fill the void. is also trying to be cooler than home shopping while still providing online video presentations of the latest trends. It's not as obnoxious as Honeyshed was, but still not quite there yet.

Check out their stiletto-filled video:


  1. Nothing beats the Q!!

    Sorry to say I never saw the Honeyshed girls.

    Are you loving the HSN Clearance today?

  2. Not much chance to watch HSN (or anything) today. Had to work, get some food to my friend who recently had a baby, and pavk for a trip to see the in-laws.

    I did get my adrienne diva hoops today though! Wow! I feel like J-Lo. :-)


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