Friday, December 12, 2008

Honeyshed Gives Home Shopping a Spit Shine

A new web-based home shopping channel, Honeyshed, has just launched. It’s supposed to be geared for a younger, trendier, sexier crowd … but will these hotsie-totsie My Space-generation speed-texters actually buy anything? Will they even watch? I don’t know, but it’ll be interesting to find out.

I gave it a quick spin and I have to say that it just seems to be trying waaay too hard to be cool. If being cool takes this much effort, I hate to tell you, but you ain't cool.

The videos for products immediately start playing as soon as you enter the site. You can let them keep going or click to whatever product video you want to watch. There are lots of leggy twenty-somethings in short skirts workin' what the Good Lord gave 'em to peddle their wares.

You can also listen to music, review the products, and even upload your own content (aptly titled, "Your Shit" so that you don't get confused).

Honeyshed is like the hyperactive lovechild of QVC and My Space who's being raised by a bunch of narcissistic MTV rejects.

Will appealing to the antithesis of a Quacker Factory lady work? Will this new format be cool or become saddled with the dreaded home shopping baggage? I'm afraid only time will tell.


  1. ...I'm not even sure I understand what I saw...they're selling stuff, right?... I'm a little dizzy now...

  2. You can't expect to stuff in a "cool" way without getting a little dizzy in the process!

    The only reason that they might last longer then two months is due to their low overhead. From what I read, they don't buy stock, so they aren't stuck w/unsold products. Pus it's online so they don't have all the television production and distribution costs.


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