Thursday, February 5, 2009

QVC's Runway to Reality

QVC dipped their toes into the shark-infested waters of high fashion last fall at Bryant Park. The waters must have felt good because this time they are diving in head first.

According to, the Q will be showing its new Spring lines at Bryant Park on February 14th during New York Fashion Week.

While all the other designers showcase their latest creations to a bunch of self-important buyers and beauty editors, QVC lets the people decide. Yeah! Power to the people! We don't have to wait for some fashion buyer to bring a particular trendy item into their stores months from now, we can order it immediately--and probably on Easy Pay too.

QVC will showcase its higher-end designer lines like Simply by Chloe Dao (a Project Runway alum) and M by Marc Bouwer--sorry all you Quackers out there! I still cling to the hope that one fateful day, I will witness a Fiber Optic Lighted Frosty the Snowman sweater embellished with sequins and rhinestones strutting down the runway. Quack! Quack!

The Q will also unveil some new designer lines such as A List by Alvin Valley (dubbed the King of Pants by Vogue) and Logo by Lori Goldstein.

Between this and the Sterling Designer Day coming up this Saturday, I'm going to need to find my own economic stimulus package.


  1. how cool is that!!

    Way to go Q!

  2. I love that black jacket you are showing for the Bryant Park shows. Any idea on the who, how much etc. Maybe we can pre-order?
    PS I love your website. I check in almost daily to get my "fix" Thanks for the inside stuff!

  3. I love the jacket too! Please help us QB!

  4. I believe that the super-cute jacket is in the Logo by Lori Goldstein collection. It's not available on the Q yet. :-)

  5. I wish they would get rid of Leah, her voice is so annoying, I turn it off when she is on, even if she is selling my favorites, I just cannot stand to hear her......she needs to go!

  6. Leah Williams attempt at being 'cute' with her comments and voice is annoying.I cannot stand it when she asks a question and then answers it. The "YEAH" filler she uses i irritating.

  7. What is it lately with the hosts doing the super-annoying upsell? For instance, during a cooking hour David Venable keep telling every caller to stay tuned next hour for Diamonique, and every item was on easypay. And he'd say the same to every quest. And Lisa Robertson did the same with some blush. It's really annoying


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