Friday, December 5, 2008

Chespeake Bay Takes Their Lumps

There's something fishy in QVC-land--or rather not so fishy. It seems that all the infamous Chesapeake Bay Gourmet products--all of them--have gone missing from the QVC website.

After years of pushing these endlessly controversial crab cakes (AKA crap cakes), has the Q finally wised up? Did China cut off the supply? What happened?

I was still able to still find the Ron and Margie Chesapeake Bay Gourmet biography page by going in the back door of the QVC website.

I also took a look at the main Chesapeake Bay Gourmet page, which has no products, and the product listing page, which--you guessed it--also has no products to speak of.

If you aren't familiar with the big stink about these crab cakes, check out my old post, Those Crabcakes Smell Fishy.

And here's an interesting tidbit. They have a restaurant too. Let's just say that based on these reviews that the crab doesn't fall to far from the shell.


  1. Very interesting! I read this on the QVC board earlier today, and now it seems all those posts have been poofed. I wonder if we will ever find out what really happened, if the are indeed gone. A few of the posts I read referenced reviews on the QVC website, and things just not being right......

  2. i've never eaten this stuff, but what about all the folks on AD for their prods??

  3. I also noticed this on the Chesapeake website:

    As we celebrate our company’s 25th Anniversary, we also celebrate another milestone — our transition, in name, from Chesapeake Bay Gourmet to Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More.

    We continue to marvel at the phenomenal growth we have experienced throughout the years. Our humble beginning in search of the perfect crab cake has taken us on a journey we would have never imagined. From supplying local seafood retailers to being chosen to represent Maryland during QVC’s 1995 “Quest For America’s Best” tour, to having our own catalog and website – it has been a whirlwind 25 years.

    While we have become the most successful food purveyor on QVC, and continue to sell millions of our crab cakes on TV and through our own catalog and website, we remain true to our original goal and philosophy. We strive to provide every customer with the finest handmade seafood delicacies available. The key ingredient in our success has always been LOVE – love for our family, our products, the glorious Chesapeake waters and the growing family of friends and employees we have made (and fed!) over the years.

    Now, as we step into the next 25 years, we also step into our newest venue. Chesapeake Bay Crab Cakes & More has opened its first restaurant and store, located in the Hunt Valley Towne Center in Hunt Valley, Maryland. We invite you to stop by and savor the taste and the tradition that has made us one of Baltimore’s Best!

    I don't know if this means that they are just changing their name or changing more. It's rather vague.

    As to the people on AD, I just can't relate to the need for continuous shipments of crab!

  4. "As to the people on AD . . . "

    A few years ago, QVC was still shipping to AD orders on Bee Alive supplements and, Lite Bites AKA Candy Masquerading As An Aid To Weight Loss. Despite both of those products being the subject of much interest to the FCC when their unsubstantiated claims were part of the broadcast.

    From their first presentation on that 50/50 show not one thing has appealed to me about the product. The powers of persuasion that could sell however many millions in the years since boggle the mind.

  5. Although I never had a crab cake, I am truly shocked. I applaud QVC for standing up to something that wasn't exactly right. I watch so much QVC that I am amazed that I didn't miss them. But, it hasn't been long since Ron and Margie were pedaling Brazilian lobsters. That couldn't have been more than a couple of weeks ago. Wow, things can change in a hurry.

  6. The losses were probably huge due to customers wanting refunds. I don't imagine you actually return used crap cakes do you?

  7. Nope ... you can't return used crap cakes. QVC just has to give a refund and take the loss.

  8. Im of the opinion the quality of the crab cakes suffered as they became bigger and bigger. The taste declined and the use of more and more crab from asia was a poor business decision especially considering the sorry state of the oceans in China. I think that turned myself and other customers off. I no longer consume any seafood that is from Asia.

  9. The chesapeake crab cakes were always fishy smelling. bad enough then they changed to heart healthy cake which made them double UGH!!!!lou m.

  10. I'm sorry, I don't understand? What happened to the crab cake couple? I wanted to order some?

  11. Found this link accidentally, so better late than never: Christmas Eve 2008 was totally ruined food-wise due to The Crap Cake Couple's lobster tails - the defrosting and cooking instructions were totally incorrect! Of course, always classy QVC refunded my $$$ without question - sure hope the CCC was made liable for this horrible lobster debacle! Good Riddance!!! and double-shame on the CCC.


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