Wednesday, June 11, 2008

These Crab Cakes Smell Fishy

So I was watching (albeit briefly) Ron and Margie Kauffman peddling their infamous Maryland-style crab cakes on QVC and I recalled that there has been some brewhaha about the quality--or lack thereof--of the crab.

Turns out that there is little to no actual Maryland crab meat in the Chesapeake Bay crab cakes.

While Chesapeake Bay Gourmet isn't being blatantly dishonest, they are walking a fine line--the cakes are assembled (with frozen crab meat) in Maryland, but almost all the the crab meat is from Asia and Mexico (except for a small percentage--whatever that means). So technically the "Made in the U.S.A." label is true, but certainly not in the way one would assume.

I don't like or eat any fish or seafood--which is why I am forced to swallow those ginormous and odoriferous fish oil pills every day--so I have no idea if frozen Asian/Mexican crab meat tastes any different than fresh Maryland crab. But the fact that they are trying so hard to gloss over and skirt the issue, makes me think that there is definitely something fishy about their crab cakes.

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