Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Purity Made (Not So) Simple

Philosophy's Purity Made Simple is one of the products that made the Philosophy brand what it is today. It's up there with Hope in a Jar, which was so famously made famous by being one of Oprah's Favorite Things.

Over the last few months, many customers have noticed that the product seemed different: thicker, runnier, smelly, and drying. Do the noticeable changes have anything to do with that fact that founder and on-air spokesperson, Cristina Carlino, sold the company to the Carlyle Group last year? Isn't that what usually happens when beauty companies get bought out? (I'm looking right at you, Tova!)

A very helpful poster on the QVC message boards emailed Philosophy about the problem and got a very long and rather confusing response from customer service detailing multiple mismatched ingredient labels, viscosity, and (new and improved) surfactants--all while trying to be very reassuring that nothing has actually changed. Read it for yourself here--just be sure to strap yourself in first because your head is gonna spin!

Heed the warning of Tova, corporate suits at the Carlyle Group--do NOT screw around with the formulas! It's called Purity Made Simple, not Purity Made as Clear as Mud!

On a side note, although I haven't seen it on the Q (could have been there and sold out quickly though), the new Hope in a Jar with SPF 20 sunscreen is available on Amazon.

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  1. funny you should mention that. i bought A80638, the "philosophy when hope is not enough advanced skincare set" at the end of april and just this week opened the Purity Made Simple (PMS...hmmm, what irony. i digress...).

    i noticed how i didn't even have to sqeeze the bottle -- it just *runs* out of the hole in the cap! very watered down....still cleans my face, but i'm not happy with the thin texture. i feel like i need to use *more* of it.


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