Monday, June 9, 2008

Tales from Home Shopping: Tova Takes One for the Team

E!'s The Soup set their sites on poor Tova this week. Of course, her long-time fans believe she deserves this and so much more since letting QVC cheapen and destroy her fragrances.

After buying and sending back bottles of the "new" formula and being assured that nothing has changed (when clearly it was a different fragrance), loyal customers have been left scrambling for bottles of the original on eBay.

[high horse] Quit trying to trick your customers. It never works! If you want to sell a cheaper version, then sell a cheaper version as a different scent (Tova II or something), but keep the original intact! Brand loyalty--like any reputation--is hard to grow and easy to lose. [/high horse]

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  1. My mother used to wear Tova all the time. Trust me, I had to buy it for her birthday. She won't touch the stuff anymore.


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