Monday, June 9, 2008

Jewelry Television: Too Little, Too Late

Jewelry Television (JTV)--the largest retailer of loose gemstones in the world--is now looking for a Consumer Protection Director to make sure they don't sell fake gems that they claim are real anymore.

JTV is "currently looking for an energetic leader with a passion for payments and fraud prevention to fill the role of Director in the Consumer Protection department." You can read the full posting here. Something tells me that the lawyers told them to create this position to prove how serious they were about protecting their customers.

My favorite part of the job description: Manage programs to monitor and reduce expense related to customer appeasements and returns. Customers are best appeased by not selling fake gems at real prices. Honestly! It doesn't take a high-priced, over-educated Consumer Protection Director to figure it out! Common sense, chickadees!


  1. Un-friggin' believable. This makes me afraid to buy any jewelry online--I thought eBay was bad!

  2. What's the big deal? I bet all the home shopping companies do this--JewelryTelevision is just the one that got caught. Whatever....

  3. NEVER buy jewelry on ebay! I bought a "14 carat diamond ringh with free inscription" and it turned my finger black.

  4. Sarah...what's the big deal? I can't believe someone asked that...


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