Wednesday, June 4, 2008

More Problems for Jewelry Television

As we reported yesterday, Jewelry Television is being sued for allegedly trying to pass off fake gems as real andesine-labradorite. Apparently, they were preparing for this news to hit, because a few weeks ago, they cut 200 jobs at their facility in Knoxville, TN. And these employees are understandably not happy.

Jewelry Television also got approval in 2005 for a 20-year tax break for a $20 million, 300,000-square-foot headquarters in West Knoxville. In February, though, execs said they hadn't made a final decision whether the project would move forward. Why did they suddenly put the brakes on the big move? Especially with such a big incentive to do it?

Gembusters is a website filled with disgruntled former employees and angry customers working towards a class action lawsuit. If you purchased labradorite from Jewelry Television, this would be a great place to go for information.

Here is a great article explaining the andesine-labradorite issue in-depth. And here is another great article detailing the science behind the stones.

Home shopping has lived with a terrible stigma since its inception. the big three (QVC, HSN, and ShopNBC) have been really stepping up their game to try to break out of the cheese fest. But bottom line, it doesn't matter how many great designers you bring in or how flashy you make the new morning show--customer trust is everything!


  1. I was fired from JTV. That place is headed for bankrupcy and those crooks deserve it. Their a bunch of liars and like to say how we're all one big happy JTV fdamily.

  2. buyer beware!!! What did you expect?

  3. If you presently own JTV "Andesine" please go to, or you can email me directly at

  4. Jewelry Television sued for third time over wage, race and EEOC/ERISA violations

  5. Andesine gems, red & green= what a farce,??? I think they were trying to feed the general public bologna dinner. Yes I would love to have the truth but coming out anytime soon. When they had the civil suit against them on this particular gem. I did not send them copies and copies of all of what I had purchased from them plus a few of the gemstones. That we're set new , 14 karat gol with real with real diamonds. that they di compensate for the gold ,diamonds , or any other precious gemstone or precious metals that they had put in a setting. I did ask 1 lawyer what about the gold and the Diamonds in my brooches, and many set earrings, what other hi and gemstones with the andesine. Response from the attorneys in the civil suit, o or nothing I sai it seems to be that they're making out again and so have many other gems and so have many other gems stones but not this .

  6. I bought I diamond ring from them but before I bought it I called because I did not know anything about rhodium so I ask if it would turn green and said no well it did not it turn copper now when I called them after 3 months they said sorry your guarantee is up so they are selling junk and then I said if you ware it a lot it will turn copper I guess a few months is long enough for it to last what a rip off they are


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