Thursday, June 5, 2008

HSN TS: Black is the New Yellow

14K Diamond-Cut "Colors of Italy" "Glitter" Necklace

Item: 325-982

2 FlexPays of $47.48

Choice of 17, 19, or 21-inch length
Yellow Napoli, Green Firenze, Pink Venezia, Black Milano (black rhodium-plated), Brown Terra Di Siena, White Cortina (rhodium-plated) or Amber Roma
Made in Italy (Yeah!)

HSN actually posted that the necklace was 2.07 grams, although they didn't specify which length weighed that much. I so, so, so wish that these shopping channels would get their crap together and always post the gram weight. With today's gold prices it's even more important to know what you're buying.

[rant] It's not like I can reach in through the television and snatch the chain out of the host's hand and feel it for myself, so a gram weight is all I have to go by. And, no, the host trying to explain how the chain feels just ain't gonna cut it. They say misleading things like: this ring has alot of gold presence ... or, this bracelet has a bold gold look ... ugh! Just say it like it is already! I do not want the look of or the presence of ... Queen Bea needs her gold to be hefty like her! [/rant]

I like that gold is becoming more adventurous with color. There's no reason why we have to stick to just yellow, rose, and white! With alloys, all sorts of beautiful colors are possible ... the ones that are just plated to achieve the color do concern me though. Plating always rubs off eventually. Trust me, I always have to get my white gold wedding band re-rhodium plated (while trying to dodge hungry sales people at the jewelry store).


  1. If you want other colors, why waste your money on gold? Gold is yellow and expensive! -Angie

  2. Please look up the process on making gold um which i 24 24 karat 18 18 karat 1 14 karat and s and so on there's also white gol things are added to certain metals to bring the color.
    Rose gold black gold green gold blue gold all different kinds and when you can get t on how rare they are i on how rare they are in gold


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