Monday, December 8, 2008

About Yesterday ...

My office is out of coffee and I'm feeling like a good Monday morning rant is in order.

I just want to state for the record that an entire day of Dell on QVC and Joy Mangano on HSN does not make for a happy home shopping watcher.

It seems as though King George is turning QVC into the Dell infomercial channel. I'm beginning to think that he still really works for Dell and this whole CEO of QVC thing is just a front.

And why on God's green earth is HSN letting Joy Mangano take over the entire channel? Either it's her pushing her huggable products or it's her minions of vendors pushing their products--while she's cracking the whip behind them--practically all the time.

There are limits. We can only take so much. Stop. The. Madness.


  1. :::passing Queen Bea a large mug of java:::
    Cream? Sugar? :-)

    The thrill is gone. I think for all the bajllions that the industry has given to Joy Mangano she could at least calm down and act happy about it.

    Those 'handbags', however,



  2. Thanks for the virtual java, Sage!

    My boss was kind enough to swing by Starbucks on his way in (he's not a morning person!)

    I re-read my post and it sounded much more snippy and harsh than I originally intended. I was in a mood this morning!

    Oh well. They deserved it! :-)


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