Friday, November 14, 2008

Shopping Around ... Of No Relation

Doesn't this actress, Camilla Belle, look like she could be Lisa Robertson's little sister? Maybe it's just the eyebrows. I don't know. (Thanks to MK for the tip!)

A little much-needed perspective … the QVC layoff story as seen through the eyes of the local paper of the lucky city getting to add 200 new QVC jobs. At least someone will be employed and happy.

A great story about a mother who will soon be getting her shot to sell her product, My Little Weatherbuddy, on the Q.

Here’s a stylist’s take on Dennis Basso … it involves real fur costs, bikini models, and pot. Oh, and she likes the fake fur he sells on the Q. I would never buy real fur, so that's good to know.

Cute story of a 100-yr old woman named Beatrice Patten that loves to shop at HSN. Her secret for longevity? Reducing stress!

Rami Kashou, another Project Runway alum, is working on line for HSN. What a rebel. Doesn’t he know that all the cool Project Runway kids are at the Q?

Mark Cross is set to relaunch on QVC. I’m sure I’m supposed to know who this is, but I honestly have no idea.

FYI: If you're even considering getting those crab cakes on QVC today, you really need to read this first. Somethin' smells fishy with those Maryland-style crab cakes!


  1. I saw your blog title on my stats and came on over. I wrote about the Dennis Basso coats but always refer to QVC products b/c I get sucked into watching them all the time. I love your site and will be back to read you again!!!

  2. Hey Christina Lee!

    QVC has a way of sucking you in--especially late at night when you can't get to sleep and you're too depressed to watch CNN.

    Loved your fur coat story! :-)

  3. I just got back from QVC, from selling My little weatherbuddy.
    I had a great time. QVC is a great place with not only quality people but quality products. This was the best experience in my life. It was crazy fun!. I even got to meet THE Ms. Joan Rivers. She was so nice and even offered to take a picture with me. I wish I could send it to you! Anyway, I was in heaven. Love your site!


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