Thursday, August 21, 2008

Today's Blue Plate Specials ... Studly Studs

The HSN TS is a Technibond "Garden of Gems" Textured Pendant with 18" Popcorn Chain. This looks ... how shall I say ... cheap? unattractive? With the exception of the garnet, the gems are washed out and the setting is boring. Perhaps this is my personal bias against most cluster settings or maybe it's just ugly. Who knows?!

(By the way, I have been told by reliable sources that I am a being a bit of a b-i-t-c-h right now due to some crazy PMS so that could be playing into my nasty reviews. Although it's not like they don't deserve it anyway, right???)

I suppose the chain looks decent ... See, I can be play nice! Sometimes. Whatever. I'll just have to go relax in HSN's new Elle Fall Fashion Lounge. There seems to be a lot of room to spread out. Those skinny models don't take up any space at all!

There is a $5 off coupon code for Signature A Club. Maybe this will help Adrienne gain some ground on Joan!

The QVC TSV is a Slatkin & Co. Set of 3 Ceramic Harvest Figural Candles. These are cute, but not fifty dollars worth of cute! I haven't watched the presentations yet, but I'm guessing that there has been talk of breaking this up into three separate presents--hey, you gotta get your kid's new teacher something nice or she won't like him, right?

Good Lord, I am in a bit of a snit today. However, there are lots of Easy Pay offers today. Check them out here.

The ShopNBC OTV is a Sterling Silver / Platinum Brilliante Simulated Diamond Stud Earring Set. Lisa Mason will be sooo jealous of the ShopNBC hosts getting to say "stud" all day will absolute impunity! Not just one stud, but three studs, baby. Poor Lisa.

Anywho, these three studs need to hit the gym or something. They look very fake and even though I have a undying love for fake diamonds, I don't want them to actually look fake. These look like those crystal earrings that come in a set for little girls down at the Walmart.

Sorry, stud.

When I was watching last night, I happened to catch a new line called Sophisticated Steel. I love steel jewelry! And now that the price of gold has skyrocketed, everyone else seems to be jumping on board. I'm sad to say that they were super stingy with the Value Pays though. Check it out here.


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