Monday, August 18, 2008

Today's Blue Plate Specials ... Anorexic Gold

Did you watch the Gold Rush yesterday? I caught a few minutes here and there--enough to remind myself why the gold shows are not my favorite. Gold ain't cheap. There's just no way around that fact. You can only make the gold so thin and hollow to try to keep the cost down. I'm fairly certain that there are laws of physics involved in this (much to the Q's dismay).

With few exceptions, the pieces were either too expensive or too thin--anorexic gold is not only not attractive, it doesn't last. Looks like unless or until gold prices go down, I'm not going to be buying much.

Was it just me or did Mary Beth's dress look very uncomfortable last night??? And what's with all the new gold colors? Purple? For real? I have nothing against purple, but I for one would not fork over all that money for real gold that looks fake. I'll just bypass that middle man and buy fake!

The QVC TSV is a KathyVan Zeeland Patent Croco Emb. Convertible Organizer Bag. Normally I love Kathy Van Zeeland purses. They're funky, fun , and fresh. But this one just seems like the same old same old. Not particularly impressed with this one. I still love Kathy though!

The Q's doing 3 Easy Pays on all seasonal clearance this week. It's as close to a sale as you're ever gonna get from QVC!

The HSN TS is a 9.5-10.5mm Peacock Cultured Freshwater Pearl 14K 50" Necklace. I love a long strand of pearls. You can wear it long, double it, triple it, twist it, tie knots in it, jump rope with it ... :-)

The ShopNBC OTV is a Two-Pack 600TC Egyptian Cotton Sheet Sets - Solid Set & Jacquard Set. Not one, but two glorious sets of high-thread-count sheets. Trust me, once you sleep in good sheets, you never want to go back. In fact you keep looking for that higher high. If the 400 TC sheets feel this good, I wonder what the 500 TC sheets would feel like? Before you know it you're spending your life savings for some 1200 TC pillow cases and your spouse is trying to get you some rehab treatment.

Free shipping on lots of clearance jewelry!


  1. I watched the Gold Rush quite a bit yesterday and was constantly online checking previously aired items. In Rushes past, I've picked up a few pieces because they were truly "affordable", but yesterday.....good Lord! I didn't see ANYTHING my measly budget could absorb! Some of the stinkin' *earrings* were $500+! Keep dreamin', Q!

    It's funny how they're constantly talkin' about how "the price of gold has skyrocketed, but here at QVC, we're able to keep our prices down because of the large quantities of pieces that we order, blah, blah, blah". Pshaw! Not no mo'!


    p.s. -- that Elvis bust gives new definition to "butt ugly". i'm gonna have nightmares about that thang. thanks a lot, QB! :-)

  2. Hey MK!

    With such high prices, they just try to distract you with a crayon box of full new gold colors ... it might be $800 (plus tax, S&H), but it's purple! Oh, goodie (golf claps).

    Elvis bust ... *shudder*


    P.S. I missed Batman AGAIN. The fates are working against me. Hopefully I'll get to see it this week. I'm not holding my breath though.

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