Friday, August 1, 2008

Today's Blue Plate Specials ... 23" Leash

The HSN TS is an IMAN Global Chic Golden Goddess with Amethyst-Color Dangle 23" Necklace. I like that this is bold and substantial and different. But I don't like the price. $65 just seems pretty ridiculous for fashion jewelry. If it's trendy, it better be cheap too--Queen Bea ain't spending the big bucks on something that will be out of style in six months (or fall apart for that matter).

The ShopNBC OTV is a 23" Austrian Crystal Accent South Sea-Style Simulated White Pearl Necklace. Apparently 23" necklaces are the thing now! Initially, I didn't understand the whole Pearlfection thing. Why buy fake pearls when the real thing has gone down in price so much? But since soooo many people love Pearlfection, I thought I'd give it another look.

While cultured pearls have gotten bigger, rounder, and cheaper, they still aren't perfect. Unless you want to shell out the big bucks, you will have rings, pits, and lopsided pearls--especially in the bigger sizes. So if you want a nice set of big, round, perfect Wilma Flintstone pearls at a decent price, Pearlfection is the way to go.

The QVC TSV is a Northern Nights Beefy Egyptian Cotton Jersey Sheet Set. I love sheets, but I tend to prefer the "crisp" cotton to the jersey cotton just because I like the cool feel. These don't look bad though--elastic all around, deep pockets, cute colors--especially for the price.

Only a few more days until Silver Designer Day ... :-)

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