Thursday, July 31, 2008

Joan Rivers Drops F-Bomb on Girl Scouts

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Joan Rivers dropped the F-bomb at the Girl Scout "Women of Distinction" fundraiser. She even joked that Paris Hilton didn't earn her "Wearing Panties" Patch. Hah!!!

I've read that some uppity attendees found her routine rude and disrespectful. You know what? They need to get over themselves. These easily-offended people knew Joan Rivers was performing. And just in case they hadn't caught any of Joan's colorful act over the last fifty years or so, there was a warning that this was for "mature" audiences. There was even an awesome quote from historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich: "Well behaved women rarely make history!" Check it out for yourself below:

Don't hire Joan Rivers if you don't want a Joan Rivers show! She will be foul, colorful, funny, rude, and look like she's walking through a wind tunnel. And at some point, she will offend everyone in the room. If you don't like that, don't go. Get over it, people!


  1. Totally agree! I love her; she's 75 years old and still making news - go Joan.

  2. I agree that one can expect filth from Joan Rivers, and one shouldn't be so easily offended. However, the Women of Distinction events are - at least in our Council - presented by GIRLS. The Emcees, presenters, "table leaders" and chorus are all comprised of girls whose ages range from 5 to 18. I don't pretend that my own language is completely pure, but I have more consideration and courtesy than to use gutter talk at such a prestigeous event. And anyway, just what has Joan Rivers done to advance the cause of Leadership among our girls?


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