Monday, August 4, 2008

Schlep and Sprinkle: Sensa Non-Update

As y'all know I'm testing out the Sensa weight loss sprinkles since they will be rolling out on the Q soon. You can read my initial reviews here and here.

I've had several emails and comments wanting an update on my progress.

Unfortunately, I don't have an update because I had to pause all sprinkling during the big move--packing, hauling, lifting, and straining do not mix well with sprinkles. Apparently I can't schlep and sprinkle at the same time!!!

Anyway, I'm getting back on the bandwagon now. I need to after all the crap I've been shoveling in lately. Ugh ... you know how it is when you move ... fast food and cold pizza.
There was also a rather scathing review of Sensa on 20/20 Friday. Read the article here or watch the video here. Many of the comments are from people in the study who disagree with the 20/20 piece.


  1. Just found you, Queen, and love the blog! I am an HSN devotee and have never watched QVC...don't have cable. I had not heard of Sensa, but you must know about Somersizing! In my opinion, the best, healthiest and easiest (once you learn the ins and outs)weight-loss plan ever! My bff and I are loving "level 1"! We use it when we need to, and have for the past 5years. I'll be back to check out your blog often. Thanks!

  2. Hey Kris! Glad you found the blog. :-)

    I love Suzanne--the smartest "dumb blond" evah! I havne't tried Somersize, but I have read about it. Doesn't it involve mixing and not mixing certain types of foods (like carbs, fats, proteins)?

  3. Yes, indeed , Somersizing involves combining certain classifications of foods and not combining may seem complicated at first, but gets EASY. I just like the "real food" aspect, and Suzanne's training in French cooking helped me become a better cook, as well.

  4. Queen, did you ever get back on the Sensa diet? It seems like a scam, but I'm trying to figure it!


  5. I watched the Sensa presentation and it seems like it just acts as an appetite suppressant so that you eat less. So, if you just want to lose 10 pounds or so and do not overeat to begin with, I am not sure this would work for you. I am in menopause, do not overeat, exercise and just want to take off those annyoing 10 pounds that often comes with fluctuating hormones. Anyone tried this for weight loss even if they are not overeating?

  6. Sensa:
    I am using it. At 57 I too have put on weight with no change in eating or exercising routine. I am losing slowly and I am nnot hungry. You don't notice any change in the flavor of food. I eat a fairly good diet, mostly organic, little meat and a lot of fruit.It is a pretty subtle thing. i notice that its easy to leave 1/3 of my portions uneaten without feeling deprived. It is expensive but I was able to find it on ebay for about $40 for the starter package(new and unopened). I had been trying the French method - eat whatever you want but only have 3 bites. It was hard and I felt deprived.

  7. Thanks for your feedback. I will look for it on e-bay.

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