Saturday, August 2, 2008

Judith Ripka Addresses Quality Issues Head On!

Peyton Kelley, Director of Product Development for QVC, posted the following on message on Peyton's Gem of Knowledge blog on QVC a few days ago:

Thank you all very much for the wonderful, constructive comments concerning Judith’s jewelry. I have read every response and read through many of your dialogues on the Ripka Forum. I know Judith well and understand your devotion to her and your passion for her wonderful jewelry. She is as concerned as we all are and is anxious to address your issues.

Debra and I are leaving next week to meet with the manufacturer of Judith’s line. They are well aware of the issues and we will go over each and every comment that you have sent me. I have prepared worksheets with J numbers and the feedback you supplied as well as specific comments about sizing, clasps, stone saturation and colors, setting issues, and findings issues.

I have also spoken to our internal departments about shipping, packaging, and waitlists. The QA department and I have had several meeting as well to make sure they are not only aware of your comments but also proactive about them. I have also spoken to the buyer about ordering a broader range of sizes for rings and bracelets. When I return in two weeks, I will keep you up to date on how the meetings went and the results.

Don’t forget to tune in for Ann King’s Today’s Special Value and programs on August 5. It is a sterling and 18k gold ring with a choice of green quartz, white topaz, or black onyx and is truly spectacular. Ann is one of my favorite people and is so talented. She is not only beautiful on the outside but gorgeous on the inside.

I love it when a company addresses customer concerns head-on with honesty and integrity. Good for QVC and good for Judith Ripka for being so open and proactive about the process!

Only a few more days to Sterling Designer Day, chickadees!!!


  1. I had waited almost 2 *years* to get a response from JR's customer service about a cuff that went all wonky on me....she finally emailed me detailed instructions for how to get it fixed but it's gonna cost me close to $30!!

    I don't think that's right -- if *your* product busted after a couple of weeks then *you* should pay for repairs. I'm a little hesitant about buying another JR piece. :-(

    They are beautiful, but I'll just window shop.

  2. TWO YEARS, MK??? That's waaay too long! Were you part of the big crooked bangle TSV fiasco?

    Seems to me like there has been a lot of passing the buck back and forth between the Ripka company and the Q.

    I'm glad they now seem to be working together to get the problems fixed. I like her heart-less designs since I don't like hearts. :-)

  3. Yes, it was the 2nd shipment in the TSV (cuff with amethyst square-cut stones), but my problem was the fact that the hinge busted on it. No good wearin' a wonky hinged cuff that wouldn't close properly!

    Yea, I'm not a big heart-jewelry gal either. Love her gemstones & textured pieces though...totally gorge!

    Enjoy your Designer Silver Gallery day, QB!! :-)

  4. Shhh ... I 'm watching the Q on my computer at work. I'm like a crack ho w/this stuff!!! I have no shame.

    Ripka, Bixby, Dawkins, and King are all on tonight. I can't take it!

    Wonky hinges that don't close are no good. I don't do well w/bangles in general though. I'm a little hard on them and it's hard to type with them on. I am loving Ripka's big honkin' yellow sapphire coctail ring though! :-)

  5. If you would like better customer support, higher end product and a more gratifying jewelry experience, I'd suggest buying a piece of Judith's higher end lines. Give a try, they are based out of Augusta Ga, and they have the largest selection of her high ends that we've seen on the internet

  6. Yep, I've these guys they are pretty good. They have new and older product, my friend found a pair of Ripka earrings there that she couldn't find anywhere.

  7. Wow. That company has a serious Ripka collection. I counted about 365 pieces? I didn't even know Judith Ripka had that many pieces.

  8. I loved JR jewelry and I have too many pieces. I can't wear either of my JR Blue Topaz bracelets, one is a toggle, opens on its own and always fall off. The other has that stupid hinged side that opens so easily and falls off. I chased it across a supermarket floor and that was it - never wore it again. What good is jewelry you have to be afraid to wear. I love slip on bangles and that is all I buy now. I have purchased many nice ones from HSN.

  9. Did anyone see when she farted on air? OMG she was quiet and Lisa just stared and pretended she didnt hear judiths big gas bubble burst.
    ewww i bet it smelled like swiss cheese. swiss cheese farts


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