Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fashion Smashion Day

So I'm not going to say that I sat around and watched all 24 hours of QVC's Fashion Day, but I did catch bits and pieces of it throughout the day.

And I wasn't impressed.

To me, Fall Fashion Day should be like thumbing through those perfume-infused glossy pages of the gargantuan September issue of Vogue (oh my ... be still my beating heart!)

Obviously, the fashions would have to be brought down to reality since most of us aren't millionaire super models, but it should have that feel.

Instead of getting excited about all the new trends, I found myself bored with the usual suspects. The only exception would be Chloe Dao who injected some fresh ideas in an otherwise dull day.

QVC Powers That Be, please think September Vogue when putting together Fall Fashion Day. It should be about new, fresh, trendy pieces so we don't look like tired old soccer moms!!!

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