Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tova: "It's Like Giving Up a Child."

Here's an interesting article from the New York Times about Tova:

"It’s like giving up a child,” said Tova Borgnine, the founder and chief executive of the Tova Corporation, a cosmetics and fragrance company now owned by the televised home shopping company QVC. In March 1977, Ms. Borgnine, who is married to the actor Ernest Borgnine, started a mail-order company in Los Angeles selling a perfume called Tova Signature.

By 1987, she had 65 skincare products and 80 employees. In 1990, she began selling her wares on QVC, and 12 years later QVC bought the Tova brand for a seven-figure sum. Tova Signature is QVC’s top-selling perfume.

It was, she said, an accomplishment she was proud of, but still an adjustment. “In a massive corporate structure you have bureaucracy that you must be able to get through,” said Ms. Borgnine, who divides her time between Beverly Hills and Malvern, Pa., near QVC’s headquarters. “All of the products are the same as when I created my company; I’m in on every strategy meeting, but now there’s a collective voice. That’s a luxury, but you’ve also got to be able to let go.”

Here is what QVC President/CEO/King Mike George had to say about the smelly Tova Signature controversy.

Is everyone satisfied now or are there still noses out of joint???


  1. Bring back the large sizes of the Tova Signature parfume and the Tova Body, Mind and Spirit parfume!!

  2. I love her perfumes and the Cactine Mask (can't get in any where).
    Love her jewellry too. Got to get some of her Diamonique stuff. Donna - Slough UK

  3. Hi I'm desperate to buy Tova Signature platinum, but it never seems to be on QVC anymore unless it's part of a set with ambre dora.. Are they going to stop doing it?? If so I need to find a new perfume that gives me the same amazing compliments on a daily basis.
    Many Thanks

  4. I too have been a QVC customer for years ordering the original Tova Signature and it was my signature. Everyone knew when I was in the room and compliments all the time. We are still waiting for the original formula to return. PLEASE BRING IT!! I have stopped purchasing it because of my last 2 bottles did not even come close to the original.

    Many thanks Tova for all you did in the past.
    I will purchase it again when others tell me it is back again. I cannot afford to keep spending money on return shipping in this ecomony.

  5. Oh my, never should have changed a good thing. Has the original Tove faded into the past? Hurry up and fix the mistake, please.

  6. QVC really made a huge mistake and has ruined the product by apparently cheapening the ingredients and changing the formula. It is NOT the same as when Tova owned the company and I refuse to buy it any longer. Mind you I paid dearly when it was the real thing, but I'm not about to pay anything when it's the wrong formula. I really miss it!

  7. Long gone are Tova's line of skincare, haircare, makeup and barely anything left of
    her cheapened fragrance line.

    In 9 short years QVC bought out an independent company and whittled it away to almost nothing.

    Way to go QVC as Philosophy is on for the umpteenth time today. Blech......

  8. Horrible cheap perfume made up entirely of cheap synthetics- amazed that people bother to pad out Tova's bank account with this rubbish !


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