Friday, July 11, 2008

Today's Blue Plate Specials ... Sweaters in July!

The HSN TS is Andrew Lessman Calcium Intensive Care & Glucosamine-1500. Oh, how I love Andrew Lessman! Let me count the ways ...

I think that Andrew and his products are the greatest thing since fake diamonds (and that is quite the compliment coming from Queen Bea!!!) I just placed my order for more Circulation & Vein Support for my husband. He started taking this when he got a clot the size of a golf ball in his leg after having hernia surgery. Not only did it get rid of the clot, it completely got rid of his painful varicose veins. Gone.

If you need vitamins, do not hesitate to get them from him--do not pass "Go," do not collect $200 (well, go ahead and do that last one, but be quick about it!)

The QVC TSV is a Prepology Microwave Grill Pan with Press & Steamer Lid. From the live demonstrations, it looks like this actually works, but I'm just sure everything will come out dry and chewy. Microwaves never cook well, chickadees!

I'm holding out for the reviews on this one. You never know, I might be pleasantly surprised. Maybe it would be good for defrosting evenly even if you don't cook in it???

The ShopNBC OTV is a WD.NY Fashion Jeweled Neckline Cardigan Sweater. First, it's not a watch! I don't have anything against watches, but ShopNBC was becoming the watch network.

So now, ShopNBC is doing sweaters in July. Considering that they were all about the leather in June, relatively speaking, this makes sense. It is a little warmer in July, so you might have to pack up the leather and breakout the sweaters. Maybe it's all that cold Minnesota weather that's messing with their brains.

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